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4 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Hire Freelance Writers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering: should I hire freelance writers? Or do I need to bring on in-house staff? And the answer might surprise you.

For years, a certain standard existed when it came to employment: that of workers who expected to be hired and retained on a full-time basis. For hirees, it was also important that the perks of the job include things like a living wage, medical insurance, holiday pay, overtime, and a permanent place to conduct business.

Today, the situation has changed dramatically for both employers and employees as the gig economy continues to transform the definition of work and the idea of the workplace. If you believe the numbers, an estimated 57.3 million Americans are now freelancing — an astounding 36 percent of the workforce — while contributing more than $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy. It’s estimated that by 2027, freelancers will account for the majority of American workers.

Business owners are taking stock of these numbers and realize they can change the way they hire to meet demand. If you’re in that boat, here are the tell-tale signs you should hire freelance writers over full-time employees:

1. You’re Looking For A Cost-Effective Way To Get The Job Done

If you’re on the fence about hiring, you need to consider what you’ll spend to do it. This report from the Society of Human Resource Management found the average cost to recruit a new employee a few years ago was $4,425; pre-screening, onboarding, and training also have to be considered.

Then, there are the tax implications of bringing on full-time help. That’s because the current federal payroll tax (or FICA, an acronym for “Federal Insurance Contributions Act”) for employers is 6.2% of wages for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare.

In addition to FICA, employers are also responsible for paying federal and state unemployment taxes and several other miscellaneous expenses.

Looking at the big picture, a freelancer working from home won’t come with the baggage of these overhead costs. That means you can offer a decent and affordable rate for work and save the company some cash.

2. You’re Expanding Your Offerings, But On a Trial Basis

We typically see expansion as a validation of your ideas, efforts, and hard work. But it’s not always the best time to hire full-time staff.


Maybe you started small, but now want to offer more services, expand into new markets, and explore new areas of profits. At the same time, you need to make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew. In that case, hiring experienced freelancers who can work in the short-term is typically more preferable than onboarding employees during a trial period of your new offerings.

If things work out, you can always retain freelancers to tackle long-term goals.

3. You Anticipate A Lot of One-Off Projects

By definition, one-off means something that is limited to a single time, occasion, or instance. If you could add to that description, you might also include that one-off projects are where freelancers typically excel. That’s because the work usually requires different skill sets, and hiring one full-time employee to complete them misses the mark.

On the other hand, freelancers are continually expanding their expertise to keep up with the transformation of the workforce. More importantly, the vast array of skills freelancers have can make them a great extension of your team. 

You may have a project that requires an advanced social media strategy but doesn’t justify hiring someone full-time. Or, you might have a short-term plan that requires an inbound sales expert or web developer. The logical solution in all of these examples? 

Hire a freelancer.

4. You Don’t Require Strict Supervision Over Workers 

A lot of businesses seek workers who are capable and confident when working independently. With freelance talent, that’s what you get. 

You can review their previous work, set specifications for your project, set a deadline, and let them get to it. The hows and whens of accomplishing the work you assign are up to the freelancer, and you’re able to concentrate on other tasks.

Are you ready to hire freelance writers?

All told, the gig economy has revolutionized the meaning of work, permitting millions of people to opt for increased flexibility in their lives. It also allows businesses to cast a wider net, drawing in talent without compromising on the quality of work getting done. While hiring freelance writers may have been a rarity in the past, more and more companies are starting to take advantage of the value that these writers can provide.

Not sure where you get starting with hiring freelancers? Check out WriterAccess to learn more about how you can connect with freelancers and embrace the ‘talent-on-demand’ approach today.


Stephanie S. is a writer, content editor, web producer, and social media enthusiast with a passion for telling stories. She has 15 years of experience in news, managing web content and social media channels, writing and producing content for online, supplementing stories with various assets and using proven SEO techniques to drive traffic. Stephanie was a long time blog contributor for several companies and specializes in short and long-form content production for businesses. She has written hundreds of articles and blogs on home health care and home care, eye care, and veterinary topics.

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