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Sh!t Writers Say 2

One of the hottest memes online now is the series of blogs focused around Sh!t “blank” Says. The first of these blogs was “Sh!t Girls Say.” However, this has turned into an internet phenomenon, and you can find blogs based around nearly any group out there.

This has inspired WriterAccess to share “Sh!t Writers Say.” You’ll find that writers are not immune from creating content full of crazy grammatical errors, circular reasoning, strange logic and other errors that leave editors scratching their heads.

Allow us to share with you the latest post full of “Sh!t Writers Say.”

1. “The best way to find job references is to write people at random and ask for a good reference to your character and work ethics.” 

At random, really? That should get GREAT results! I can’t wait for someone to write me at random looking for a job reference.

2.Diesel locomotions are designed to pull passenger-train cars at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.”

Locomotion… like the song! “Come on baby, do the locomotion!”

3. This is certainly a great performance, don’t fail to miss it.

Okay! I’ll make sure to miss it, since it’s so great!

4. To comprehend anything, first you have to understand it.

That is sage advice!

5. While your body still receives hydration from soda, soda is different from water because it’s sweetened and has additives.

While on the subject of differences between water and soda… it’s also normally carbonated and people seldom bathe in it.

6. People always find they are amazed by those who know how to juggle.

Cut to the chase—Jugglers are amazing. Why use 13 words when you can use 3.

7. The Japanese Navy bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on what would come to be known as D-Day.

Please check facts! D-Day was actually the first day of the Invasion of Normandy, around 3 ½ years after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

8. When slicing bread, hold it steady in one hand and use a segregated knife.

Use caution when allowing spell check to fix your misspelled words!

9. If you spend more than you earn, you’ll won’t be able to save anything.

Unless you rob a bank… or marry a sugar daddy.

10. Your spending plan should be based on your net income after your company deducts s401k deductions. 

So, if they deduct the deductions… is that extra money for you?

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