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Is SEO Dead? How to Creating Winning Content with the New Google Guidelines


Is SEO Dead?

Nowadays, everyone is saying that SEO content writing is all about content and it’s making us wonder…is SEO gone? The answer is no. SEO is alive and well — the shift has just changed a bit to focus on the content of the message, rather than the key words.

Why Has This Happened?

Google has been tweaking the SEO content world for quite some time now, so this is nothing new. They make changes quite often, so it is the job of SEO writers to keep up. But, if you want to know, the recent stricter focus on good content is mainly due to the following factors:

  • Too much keyword stuffing on the part of web owners in the past
  • Too many “traded,” but irrelevant links from one site to another to gain traffic
  • The use of “black hat” methods to trick search engines into believing a site is of high value, when it is high in spam and subversive techniques
  • Lack of direction or quality in written content for websites and blogs
  • Too many ads or irrelevant ads for the purpose of monetization only
  • Hidden identities of authors in blog posts through guest blogging, lowering the credibility of a present author’s credentials

These are a few of the reasons why Google made the recent changes. But where do we stand now? How do we know we are using too much (or too little) SEO in our content?

Less Is More

The old “less is more” theory tends to work best here. Less SEO and more high content equals a higher-ranking site. Remember SEO is written for search engines, while good content is written for people. People trump bots every time! So, if in doubt, write for people and remember that each person who reads your blog post, website, or blurb is someone who may appreciate what you have to offer. Do you really want people who were “tricked” to come to your site only to find it is inundated with affiliate ads and sales pitches? Just make your content interesting and engaging and remember to offer them some value in what you are telling them.

Relevance Still Counts

Google has long been known for relevance of search results. And that part has not changed. The key words and the high-quality content that can and should be on your site should offer customers something that is relevant to their search. If they are looking for band-aids, don’t land them on a site for winter coats. Be relevant, be authentic, and be transparent. These are the keys to success in light of the new Google standards.

Best Solution

Hire an SEO content writer. He or she will understand how to create the subtle balance between the natural use of key words and good content. Better yet, find a content writing firm with a known goal of acting in a client’s best interest to increase traffic and improve rankings!

When it comes to SEO content writing, both content and key words are still important. Both of these have to be done naturally and without manipulation so that the searches and content are matched up.

At the end of the day, just being honest is the best method!

Deborah K is a well-known SEO content writer and entrepreneur who owns a technology company she plans to take global in 2015 and writes for multiple clients and blogs.

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