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Searching for the Right Wordsmith

There are a number of capable freelance writers in the marketplace, but taking the effort to choose one with a compatible specialization will yield better results. Getting to know your potential copywriters through portfolios, questions, and even their availability schedule is the freelance version of an interview, and these tools should be used wisely to ensure top-notch copy for your business. Use the tips in this article to make sure that you and your writer make a profitable pair when it comes to informing your customers and dominating search engine results.

Be Picky

If you were shopping for a car, you wouldn’t tell the dealer to sign you up for the nearest vehicle, so taking that approach to hiring a writer is shaky. Many content creation sites have built-in search metrics that allow you to filter writers by qualifications like writing skill level and areas of expertise, and these should be used judiciously. Adjusting the skill level you’re searching for will help your content marketing budget, while finding a writer already familiar with your industry will prevent lengthy explanations about technical terms and practices.

Get to Know Your Writer

If the site you’re hiring through has extensive profiles or lists of previously completed tasks, be sure to look them over. Knowing where your writer is physically located is helpful for timing communication, while getting a feel for their tone through past projects and clients will let you know what to expect from their work. This will prevent frustration from cross-time-zone communication lags or disappointment from copy that is too straightforward or sales-oriented.

Etiquette for Questions

Using a site communication system to talk to your writer is an excellent idea, but be sure that you’re playing by the rules. Unless expressly noted, most content creation sites do not allow the exchange of contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers, though some offer conference calls as an option for large projects. It’s fine to take a friendly tone with your writer in communications, but be aware they will match it – if you want a writer that acts and communicates like a 9-to-5 employee, take a professional tone.

Leave Feedback

Whether you were wild about the copy you received or it was just passable, be sure to let your writer and the site they work through know about it. Leaving feedback, comments and emails for the site owners will help them weed out mediocre talent and elevate writers with a true gift for copywriting. On the writer’s side, knowing that you are a client that leaves feedback will motivate your writer to do their very best.

Long after your writer has been paid and moved to the next project, the copy they’ve written for you remains. Using these tips will find you a strong writer to give you successful copy with an enduring voice. Additionally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your writing site directly – they’re there to help!

Delany M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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