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Scrimshank Your Way in Web Content

Merriam-Webster says scrimshank is a bad idea for web content writers. The online dictionary says it’s scrimshank when you shirk your work responsibilities. Here we have an intransitive verb that is an action verb without a direct object. What is the what is the what? Let’s travel along this grammatical highway and see what you shouldn’t be scrimshanking if you are a web content writer.

Shawshank Redemption Vibes

A scrimshank makes me think of the Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King. From there I picture an actual shank, which is a knife made by prisoners also known as a shiv. All these scrimshanks, Shankshanks, shanks, and shivs play tricks on the mind. How are you supposed to use this word meaning shirking work when all you can do is think about walking the Green Mile without getting shivved?

How to Write With a Scrimshank

Don’t you fret as I, the Wordsmith of the Woods, have considered your word-worker needs. Here’s the first rule for writing with scrimshank as a web content writer. You can’t follow a scrimshank with a direct object, which are nouns, pronouns, clauses, and phrases. This means you can’t say that you have scrimshanked words or scrimshanked the day away. It doesn’t work.

Use scrimshank like so:

  • The elephant raced up to the water hole as he was not going let the other pachyderms scrimshank him out of the cleanest flow.
  • I gave that stinky scrimshank everything and he still stole the diamonds.

See? Scrimshanking is fun to play with. Now in terms of web content, what can do with scrimshank?

Start by Scrimshanking Scrimshanking

First of all you need to put in the words if you want to improve as a web content writer. This starts with keeping up with grammar and spelling rules and changes. Even the new British PM Jacob Rees-Mogg has been making major changes with grammar these days. If you want to know more about web content writing tips and words of wisdom, check out the best of the WriterAccess blog writers. We spoil you with free content that keeps you on your web writer tiptoes.


“Welcome. I’m the Whispering Wordsmith of the Woods, An Old Man Willow type cunning the lit forest, Disrupting textbookish writers with grammar snaps and cracks.” As a professional web content writer for small-to-medium businesses, Miranda B understands how to effectively balance technical jargon and personal brand messaging. Her content is sticky, evergreen when expected to be, and always creative. Keep ’em coming back for more, that’s Miranda’s motto!

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