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Scoring Points as Freelance Sports Writers with Sports Blogging

Freelance Sports BloggersCoaches and athletes quickly learn one universal rule applies to every team in every sport. You need to call and execute the right plays to get a victory. Going for a layup when you trail by three points and have time for one shot is not a smart move. Kicking a field goal when you need to score a touchdown to win will assure defeat.

Calling the right plays also makes a difference in sports blogging. It isn’t enough to launch a blog, share links to a few posts and hope for the best. Your sports blog needs to use the right plays to win over your target audience and give your content extended life.

Creating the Freelance Sports Writers Blogging Playbook

Tackling the right topics at the right time will help you score more points with a sports blog than your competition. Timeliness with blogging will make your blog evolve into a true resource for your target audience in their quest to get the latest information on their favorite team or athlete.

Becoming a better sports blogger does not require installing a complicated offense. Using these plays in your blogging playbook can help you move the chains and score points –

  • Avoid the uniformed rant: Any fan can complain about their team, an individual athlete or a coach without pausing for breath. Never let your blog fall into that category. No one likes reading rants about why you think the coach should be fired. Share positive stories about teams and athletes whenever possible. If you focus on a negative topic like trading a player or firing a coach, then offer an in-depth analysis on why such a move makes sense and how it will improve a team.
  • Enlist your strengths: A blog is only as good as the time and energy a writer puts into it. If you want a sports blog that works, focus on a sport or team that sparks your interest the most. In other words, your blog should be written for an audience of one in the beginning. Once you pick a focal niche, craft blog posts based on your strengths as a writer. If you do better writing profiles or Q&As, for example, make those forms of content your bread and butter.
  • Offer a fresh take: Original content can be your blog’s trademark if you make the effort to cultivate good ideas. Go beyond a box score and search for intriguing stories average fans don’t know about. People love reading about slice-of-life details about athletes and coaches because it makes them more human. It also offers your blog instant credibility.
  • Become a true insider: If you are going to cover a specific sport or team as a blogger, it does not pay to be invisible. Acquire credentials whenever possible and go to games and press conferences. Get to know the team or teams you’re covering and interview players and coaches in person.

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