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Say it Again! But Never, Ever Repeat It: Social Media Updates and When to Hire a Content Writer

say it again

No one wants to see the same posts repeated, but in order to reach your audience with relevant content, you will need to post about your latest news or content more than once. A constant flow of information in the social media realms means your posts as a business will continue to get moved further down the line.

According to information gathered by Eloqua,

  • 53% of B2B companies are not utilizing social media for demand generation
  • Nearly 40% of B2B companies are not tapping in to social media marketing
  • 43% of companies say they have no strategy in place to incorporate social media into demand generation
  • 33% of companies were unclear of the value that social media offered

Yet, the latest numbers are showing that this is likely a missed opportunity for businesses, since in September of 2013, the Pew Internet Project found:

  • 90% of consumers ages 18-29 are using social networking sites
  • 78% of consumers ages 30-49 are using social networking sites
  • 65% of consumers ages 50-64 are using social networking sites
  • 46% of consumers ages 65+ are using social networking sites

Put a Spin on It!

According to information from Dan Zarrella, businesses should post 1-4 times per hour for maximum interaction and every other day (.5 times per day) on Facebook. Rather than continue to re-post the same information over and over, new angles should be considered to give your users a fresh reason to participate.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to promote your newest blog article. Can you think of two completely different audiences who may want to read it? Perhaps college-aged men and women with families? These two very distinct groups are going to respond differently to different subjects and how you present the call to action. It is important to remember that users are interested in what value your company offers them, so your posts will have to clearly spell out why the content is important or pique their interest to click and see what the fuss is about.

  • Try a new angle for each post
  • Try using new keywords for each post (even for promoting the same article)
  • Try using hashtags and a call to action (like “Retweet!”) occasionally

Never, Ever Automated: Hire a Content Writer

Don’t connect your social media sites and allow them to autopost! This looks incredibly lazy to your readers and often results in confusion when the wrong etiquette for a particular platform is used. If you are posting to Twitter, for example, and you allow your post to be automatically placed on Facebook, you will end up spamming your customers with too many Facebook posts a day (remember the difference in numbers between Twitter and Facebook). You will also have an unformatted text-only post with hashtags, retweet requests and other things that make the post seem very out of place on Facebook.

The newest Algorithm update for Facebook makes it very important for businesses to use the “link-share” feature of Facebook to keep their business posts from being demoted in the News Feed. This is one more reason that the text-only automated post from Twitter will do more harm than good when passed on to Facebook.

Just Keep Swimming

A business that engages in regular updates is the business that provides continual support and information for its followers. Don’t give up, but stay consistent and keep providing the information you know your readers will care about; build it and they will come.

Tired of keeping everything straight and coming up with new angles? Hire a content writer to create your article, as well as the media posts to announce it to your audience!

Alethea M is a corporate blogging guru and freelance writer for WriterAccess. She often uses interesting facts from her article research to impress friends at dinner parties. Her husband is her biggest fan — though this may be because her writing income allows her to share in bill-paying each month.

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