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Revving Up Content Performance

166272845There are several ways by which you can increase your website performance — whether it’s a new website or one that you’ve had for several years. Because the Internet and search engine technology is constantly changing, site performance can be affected. Monitoring performance on a consistent basis can alert you to underperforming pages. And since traffic from each source changes due to popularity or whim, you can keep investigating new sources of traffic, testing them and implementing them in your performance strategy.

Using Analytics

Google Analytics offers detailed information on which pages are receiving the most traffic, where the traffic is coming from and how long visitors are spending on your pages. You can use the already in-depth default settings or you can add custom reports to learn more about the traffic on your site.


Keyword research is a job that needs to be updated regularly. While your initial research will give you the direction that you need to set up your site, keywords change due to speech patterns, media and entertainment and changes in culture. Therefore, revising the content on your site to reflect keyword changes will increase performance.

Social Media

Popular social media sites can ebb and flow as sources of traffic due to societal changes. While Facebook may have been your best traffic source a year ago, that may no longer be true since the demographic on social media sites can change. If a new site pops up that suddenly becomes popular, it will draw people away from older established sites.

However, not every social media site is going to be a good source for prospects in your industry. You need to carefully study the personas that spend time on each site.

Quizzes and Surveys

New techniques such as quizzes and surveys become phenomenon on the Internet from time to time. Taking advantage of these fads will drive a large amount of traffic to your site in a short amount of time, bringing in new prospects for a small investment of time and money.

Revising the Tried and True

Just because an advertisement has been working well for your company for the last year, doesn’t mean it will continue to work indefinitely. Ads should be tested and retested periodically to see if they can be replaced with new ads that increase performance. Using A/B split testing will give you proof of performance and show you areas that you can improve.

Tweaking Language and Graphics

Landing pages need to be specifically crafted for peak performance. Consulting an expert to hone the language, configuration and graphics on your landing pages will increase the conversion rates and ensure that they are performing on mobile devices as well as standard desktop devices.

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