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Recruit Your Skills and Write About Staffing

Joining the ranks of the freelance staffing content writers means writing about people hiring people. This is a topic of interest for any company with more than one employee that hopes to grow. From the professional recruiter to the hiring manager in a company, professionals are interested in learning more about staffing.

One of the typical questions in staffing is “How do I find the right people?” One can write a series of articles about how to find the resources that have the people with the right qualifications. There are numerous online sites, but which ones are best for the specific industry in the article? How does one write the perfect job description to draw in the best people? Having an understanding of basic human psychology helps when writing about staffing. In spite of all the steps that people go through, the fact is that it’s the human interaction that determines who gets what job.

What applications are available to automate the process? There are systems for recruiting talent, accepting applications, sorting and reporting on applicant information and databases that hiring managers can research. People use the tools differently and readers are interested in hearing how people experience the various applications. These types of content writers know something about business and how staffing needs ebb and flow.

What happens in the life cycle of a small business? When large companies expand and decide to staff offshore, how does that affect domestic staffing? The decision process that companies go through to decide on their staffing needs is a ripe topic. One can even write about the employee side of staffing. How does one prepare for a company that is getting ready to hire new people? Writing about staffing is different than writing about job search, but there is some overlap. Companies want quality people so helping them be ready for the right opportunity helps companies, too.

Economics affects the way companies staff. Business is changing and what companies look for is different now than even a year ago. There are trends in staffing that anyone hiring will be interested in reading about. Writing about staffing is a smart way to start. There can be opportunities to write about many aspects of staffing. This topic is full of writing opportunities and continues to change and evolve with business.

Dena P is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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