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Realtor Reality Check: “Showing” Off

Real Estate Web ContentThere’s intense competition for buyers’ attention in the housing market, and distracting those buyers from the market’s heavy hitters can be challenging. Real estate web content is the great equalizer when it comes to grabbing these browsers—bigger names and bigger properties still don’t stand a chance against professionally written content.

Take Your “Stage”

You already know the difference a few touches can make when showing a house, such as rearranging furniture or adding a handful of colorful accents. It isn’t just realtor chat, either. A recent Wall Street Journal article found that, among a group of 174 homes on the market, the ones that were “staged” sold faster than homes that weren’t. How can you harness this concept when the buyers aren’t at your doorstep yet? Consider your homepage and listings as a showing for your business—a writing professional can clean up the clutter, appeal to the widest audience possible, and use a tone that buyers can see themselves “living in” effortlessly. Once your buyers have been coaxed in by skillfully crafted real estate website content, you’ll get the chance to show them, in person, the attributes that make your property the best one for their needs.

Frame Problem Areas in New Light

During a live showing, your buyers are walking around, distracted by the physical presence of the house—you might not get the attention you need to mitigate a bid-killer. With real estate website content, you can place words or phrases in their mind. A small room becomes a “charming reading nook” and a lack of windows can be transformed into an excellent “private hideaway” in the span of a few sentences. With this positive spin already implanted, your in-person showing is off to a great start before it’s even booked. Combined with well-lit photos and a charming description of the neighborhood and its benefits, even high-tech video “tours” won’t stand a chance against your listings.

Consider the amount of marketing that goes into selling simple, consumable objects like breakfast cereals or shirts—should a large purchase like a house call for anything less? Let a freelance writer help you communicate what you, your company and your listings have to offer to eager buyers scouring the market. Your competition won’t hesitate to make the same move, and fending them off with the power of copy is considerably easier and more affordable than you might think.

Delany M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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