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Real Estate Website Content Bedtime Stories: Fantastical Property Listings


Out with the boring and in with the unique! Real estate listings can often be a mundane re-hash of the details. This monotonousness doesn’t encourage buyers to see the property; it only puts the numbers into a block of redundant text! Try turning your next real estate listing into a story that piques the interest of the buyer.

Telling a Story

Real Estate agent Tom Faison puts a wildly creative spin on his listings with phrases like, “You are humbled, like what happens when we stare out to sea & feel small. . . . Wait a minute! Is that a family room off the kitchen? Toss me a Pop-Tart Mom!!!!”

After selling homes for 22 years, Tom has realized that writing real estate listings with the obvious details wasn’t a fun way to capture the reader’s imagination. He has gone all out with evoking an emotion from his viewer and has fun in the process!

What Are You Missing?

The details tell a lot about the property, but a real estate agent should highlight the aspects of the property that the numbers can’t communicate. What is it like to walk into the entryway? What would the family experience living in this dwelling? Turn the story into something that sells the living experience the buyer is purchasing, not the house.

Real Estate Website Content Headlines

Part of telling your story is starting off with a headline just begging to be clicked. Consider your target audience and then choose 3 to 5 words to craft into the title that elicit a curiosity click. Make sure you then tie this title into the listing description to ensure the viewer isn’t confused and doesn’t feel annoyed with a off-topic subject.

A title that includes “Swim Year Round!” in a area that experiences cold winters might get extra clicks to see what this is referring to. Finishing the listing description with a sentence or two about the hot tub on the deck, or the heated pool, then ties the buyer’s curiosity into the story you are telling about the home.

Avoid Clichés – “act now!” and “must see” are the kinds of terms that are overused and completely void of creativity.

Avoid Lists – the details are already listed out, so your listing description should not include bullet points of information, rooms or amenities.

Write Multiple Versions – by rotating your versions in and out of your listings, you can attract a range of buyers who may be looking for different angles in a home.

Hire a Creative

Give your details to someone who can help you write up this creative content! A ghost writer would be able to write up a story that your buyer could appreciate and you won’t have to slave over the keys! Remember to:

  • Include photos so your writer gets an idea of how the home will look
  • Include bullet points of the most sellable features of the home
  • Include any problems with the home so your writer can steer away from them (you won’t want your writer talking up the backyard pool if it really needs to be torn out).

Alethea M is a corporate blogging guru and freelance writer for WriterAccess. She often uses interesting facts from her article research to impress friends at dinner parties. Her husband is her biggest fan — though this may be because her writing income allows her to share in bill-paying each month.

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