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Real Estate Copy Vitals: Location, Location, Location

Pictures may speak a thousand words, but if the copy associated with your properties falls flat, interest will too. As important to the real estate visualization process as proper staging, the correct real estate copywriter will mentally move your clients in before the lease is even on the table. Real estate as an industry tends to focus on facts – square footage, assessed property value, school district and so on. While buyers do need to have this information, without the proper copy, it can be difficult for a browsing client to differentiate one split level from the next.

A Reliable Hook

Listings are often networked across property sites and listing services, but these can arrange and present information very differently. If your listing ends up on a site that requires browsers to click through for more information, the carefully-arranged property pictures you’re using might never reach a buyer’s eyes. If, however, you’ve hired a writer to spin up a unique and engaging blurb, you can count on the clicks you need. A professional copywriter will make each property stand out amidst a sea of flat, figure-based descriptions that don’t encourage further engagement on the part of buyers.

A Fresh Coat

Agents know that small details can make all the difference when it comes to coaxing out an offer. Issues such as peeling paint in a master bedroom can distract a potential buyer from the more flattering features in a given property. A solid description gives the same benefits as a fresh coat of paint – it covers minor imperfections and provides a smooth overall impression instead of a collection of questionable traits. In addition, a coat of paint only works for a single property at a time, but your new writer’s talent can follow you to many properties at once.

More Clients for You

Great descriptions for properties are only the beginning of what a solid writer can do for you. If you keep a personal site or professional page, you’ll need welcome text that highlights your strengths and convinces clients to trust you with their property listings. You owe it to your career to give them those clients the most compelling welcome mat that words can achieve, and your writer can help you set it up. After all, a simple list of your certifications won’t do much to set you apart from your listing competitors.

A Boost in Sales

Increased exposure through well-written descriptions will help move your listings faster, a huge benefit when the market slumps. You know all too well the difficulties of properties that stay on the market for years, so making the best impression possible from the start is important. Don’t wait until your clients start talking about shifting real estate agents to put your best foot forward; you can turn a simple carport into a castle fit for a king with the right wordsmith in your corner.

Remember: descriptions and real estate listings go hand-in-hand, so be sure you’re prepared to excel in both.

Delany M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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