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How to Make Your Content Sell Without Selling

Nobody responds well to a hard sell. When the salesperson in the shoe store approaches me, gleam in her beady little eyes, and attempts to bully me into a 2-for-1 purchase before I even see what’s on the shelves, I immediately run. Pressure isn’t persuasive and aggressive sales tactics are more likely to turn your audience off than urge them towards the buy button. When you’re looking to boost your conversion rates, ditch pushy tactics and use your content to build connections instead.

Flaunt Your Authority

People want to buy from brands they trust. For the same reason name-brand detergent sells more than generic versions and A-list celebrities draw bigger audiences than character actors, content attributed to someone who’s known as an industry leader is viewed as more reliable. There are tons of ways to build your brand’s authority but most of them fall into one of the following categories:

  • Consistency: Be seen and heard as often as possible. Publish on your blog regularly, keep up a steady stream of posts on social media, and schedule webinars and podcasts as often as your schedule allows.
  • Instructional Content: What better way to demonstrate your knowledge than by sharing it in step-by-step detail? YouTube videos and how-tos that help consumers solve a problem or understand a key issue foster goodwill while reinforcing your status as a go-to resource.
  • Presence: While you’re being consistent, also work on expanding the number of channels and outlets you’re using to reach your core audience. From responding to comments on your blog to publishing an e-book, thrusting yourself into the spotlight is your opportunity to shine.

Use Emotional and Descriptive Language

Which sentence moves you more?

  • Option A: “This album is a great example of pop music.”
  • Option B: “A hard-driving guitar with riffs and soaring vocals combine to produce some of the most irresistible pop tracks music fans have heard in recent memory.”

I’m willing to bet all the coin in my coffers that you chose option B. Why? While the first example is dry and lifeless, the second paints a picture of an album you can’t wait to hear. That kind of excitability inspires urgency which, more often than not, translates into a sale. The right words can trigger action, transform opinion, and send shivers up the reader’s spine. Learn how to raise eyebrows and stoke curiosity and you’ve gained a new content marketing superpower.

Tell Your Story

Your story is unique. No one else has your background or has taken your journey so the only person who can share your tale properly is you. That’s your biggest differentiator and getting personal could be the thing that tips a consumer’s sales decision in your favor. Be authentic and don’t be afraid to open up. Weave your experiences throughout your blogs, use your social media feeds to offer behind-the-scenes insights into your day or your brand’s inner workings, or chronicle a time when you completely failed yet managed to persevere. The details that make you human are the details that make people care and when people care they’re more willing to make an investment.

High-converting copy may just be the most powerful tool at your disposal. How can you leverage your authenticity and voice to send sales into the stratosphere?

Alana L enjoys finding inspiration in the unlikeliest places. When she’ s not dreaming up quirky content ideas, Alana’s busy studying up on the latest trends in digital marketing, event planning, wine education, and baby wrangling.

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