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Putting Your Name in the Pool for Niche Writers

Pool of WritersNiche writers stalk pools of opportunity, both online and in print, in frenzied hopes of getting snagged by that next great client. Don’t put Baby in the corner; get out there and post your services in every possible place that niche writers might find you. In addition to finding professional writers for hire who are in your niche, you will be advertising your services and website for your wider audience.

Writer Resources

Hot off the presses, one of the first places that niche writers go to find new clients are writer guides. Start by posting your ad for writers in “Writer’s Market.” While the listing will be free of charge, you must have it submitted by August in order for it to be included in the upcoming annual publication. You may have heard of another annual listing, “The Writer’s Handbook.” However, this print reference ceased publication in 2011. Look into local publishing directories in your region or state. These are often published as online resources, which can be updated at any time.

Writer’s Magazines

Open a freelance writer’s mailbox and you can often find any one of the latest editions of writing magazines in the mix. Some of the top picks include The Writer, Writer’s Digest, Poets & Writers, and Freelance Writer’s Report. Clients can run advertisements in these publications as a way to put their name out there. Niche writers often search for jobs in their areas of specialty, paying close attention to assignments in which they have the experience and skill that sets them apart from the crowd. Additionally, you can gain insight into the writing community by reading through these publications. Determine new ways of getting your message out to your audience as you learn of new technology and techniques being used by writers.

Your Own Backyard

The last place that clients tend to look for writers is in their own backyard. After all, how many niche writers are living in your community, or neighborhood? Quite possibly more than you realize. Take the time to search local haunts including your local library for writers. Libraries are often the meeting place for local writing groups. Additionally, in case you’ve forgotten about paperbacks and hard covers in the era of the eBook, libraries are places that house books written by writers.

Check out your library’s nonfiction section for niche writers in your area of focus. Also, ask your helpful reference librarian if he knows of any local writers whom might be of interest in your niche. Another great place to go to find niche writers is your local newspaper. Read through the paper and look for op-ed pieces featuring guest columnists, as well as articles written by niche writers. You may very well surprise yourself with the connection you have been looking for in the writing world.

Miranda B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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