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Promoting Your Content: Choose Those Marketing Channels Carefully

promoting content marketing channels

Even if you have the best content ever seen on the internet, it’s not going to matter if people can’t find it. That’s where content channels come in, because they give you the means to get what you have to say to the people you want (and need) to say it to.

It might seem like a good idea to put your content on every last channel you can find. That way more people will see it, right? Well, maybe. But most of those people will just ignore it because it doesn’t have anything to do with them. They aren’t your target market. So putting it out there for them to find is really just wasting your time.

You might even find that some channels don’t have the respect or value you’re looking for. Putting your content on those channels could ultimately hurt your business instead of helping it. You can avoid that, when you choose channels carefully. By working with the customers you have to find out what channels they use, and by looking at data and statistics on your target market, you have a much better chance of proper content promotion.

The right promotional channels for your content mean less time spent and more value received. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of content channels.

Thoroughly Understand Your Target Market

If you don’t know who your customers really are, how are you supposed to give them what they need. You don’t need all their names, but you do need to know their basic data. Age range, where they live, demographic information, and spending or buying habits are a part of the market research you’ll want to do or have done for you.

For example, people in a particular age group may be more likely to use Facebook instead of Twitter. They may look at targeted ads, where other groups would be more likely to pass those by. You can’t win ’em all by targeting a segment of the population because there will always be outliers, but the goal is to reach the largest group of people. That’s something that can be done through channel selection, provided you know which channel to use.

Pay Close Attention to Marketing Channel Requirements

Not all channels for promoting your content are the same. Some of them allow things that others won’t, and some are more stringent in their guidelines than others. Put the right kind of content on those channels, and follow their guidelines. If you don’t, you risk losing access to that channel due to misuse of it. While that doesn’t happen too often with most businesses, it’s still something you want to avoid.

Additionally, you need to be sure that the kind of content you’re putting onto a marketing or promotional channel is appropriate for the people who will be seeing it. That’s where a combination of understanding channel requirements and knowing your target market comes in. Not only do you follow the guidelines for the channel, but you give the people using that channel what they’re looking for, too. It’s a winning promotional combination.

Listen to What Your Customers Have to Say

The customers you currently have and what they think about your content can tell you a lot about what future and potential customers might think, as well. Remember, they’re part of your target market. That means they have some similarities, so their thoughts on key issues are generally going to travel along the same lines. Use that to your advantage. Listen to the customers you have now. Ask them what they think – and why. Be sure you listen with an open mind. Listen to understand, not just to respond. You’ll be glad you took the time, when you see how it helps future communication.

Use the Right Content on the Right Channel

Not all channels are the same, and when you promote on a number of different channels you don’t want to just use the same content across all of them. Twitter needs a shorter lead-in. Facebook is a bit more casual. LinkedIn has a more professional feel. With all of that in mind, you can use the basic same ideas for every channel. You can also link back to the same post or site on each channel. You just want to present that link a little bit differently. Your market will be similar, but it won’t be identical. Keep that in mind.

In short, what matters is not just that you promote your content, but how and where you promote your content. Done right, it can go a very long way toward getting customers to your business. Done wrong, and you’ll end up wasting time and energy. You could even damage your reputation, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. Choose your promotional channels with care, and you’ll be on your way toward even more business growth and development.


Michelle B writes web content, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more, and has created thousands of pieces of content for companies all over the world. She holds an associate’s degree in business management and a bachelor’s degree in legal administration.


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