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Content Marketing – Taking a Professional Writers Lesson From The History of Art and Song

In the Beginning, Man Drew Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If ancient cave-scribble is the accepted evidence, our oldest ancestors believed and practiced this inaccurate statement. However, the concept is too simple, the application to limited in scope. It ignores the proven value of written content marketing.

Professional writers understand the value of words. From story telling to content marketing, the written or spoken application of language carries a much greater capacity for detail than do mere pictures. For example: Modern-day movies are often stuffed with an extended barrage of profanity. It appears that viewers cannot comprehend a character’s frustration via standalone graphic displays.

As soon as intelligence granted the capacity, words became the primary companion to almost every form of graphic content. Even black and white photos include dates, names and places. Some form of scribbled proclamation that identifies the artists typically accompanies great art.

From the beginning of movie history, men recognized the value of utilizing cinema as a means of brand name recognition. Even as early as 1895, cinematic presentations were utilized for the purpose of content marketing and product placement. Many historians suggest that the birth of cinema was mostly driven by the power of economic kickback to advertisers.

Silent films gave way to movies with grunts, speech and surround sound. Without intelligent conversation, the big screen cannot relay the subtle details of a complex plot. Computers utilize all types of buttons and icons, yet nearly every website concedes to the necessity for including the words Home, About Us, Services, and Contact Us.

The tactics have never changed. Advertisements have become more colorful. The graphics are often comical. But in the end, it is content in the words that usually drive the sales pitch.

Pictures imply. Words reveal.

Song and Music – Perhaps the Greatest Form of Content Marketing

Music is a language unto itself. It stirs the emotions, awakens the imagination and ignites the inner soul. Yet without the aid of words, music lacks the ability to fully express the thoughts and feelings that surround a story.

Aside from poetry, songs may incorporate the most condensed form of content marketing. Within two verses, a country song can relay the tale of a broken down Chevy pickup, a lousy marriage, a broken heart and the silence of a falling star. Pop, rock, the blues and modern rap are no different in the concept of relaying ideas with only a few words.

Modern day songs may merge video with the music, but unlike merging words with pictures, the exact meanings within the song can survive without the accompanying video. Advertisers understand these truths. Song is a primary means of product marketing.

The bible records Jubal as the inventor of musical instruments (Gen 4:21). The first actual mention of song occurs in Gen 31:27 as Laban interviews Jacob. The Hebrews used songs to expound history, give praise, and share fellowship.

If modern content writers use history to gain any insights into successful content marketing, they will focus on the methods and applications applied to songs.

A Timeline of Content Marketing

The timeline of content marketing is not limited to the current computer age. It traces back to the very first charcoal symbol traced upon the inside wall of an ancient cave. It travels forward, picking up along the way applications in text, music and video. All of it mounts together, and all of it combines to form the informational product promoting content that is so popular in today’s electronic processes.

Perhaps you think I missed too much or that I have over-simplified a very complex process. Well. The door is open. Start typing.

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