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Product Reviews Mean Increased Business

Get Bloggers to Write Product ReviewsFreelance fashion writers and bloggers alike know that the art of writing a great product review is pivotal to achieving and maintaining increased search engine optimization or SEO success that will then translate into increased revenue. Blogging is a phenomenon that has allowed the general public to have a format and voice over the internet. Here are some reasons to consider engaging bloggers to collaborate with you in order to propagate your products regardless of their type.

Bloggers Know People, Who Know People

If your product is one that is easy to send out, you should consider engaging some high profile bloggers to review it. This is a great way to pet relatively free advertising on their blog and yours. The successful bloggers find a niche and stick to it. If you are promoting fashion items, why not find several bloggers who would be willing to write honest reviews in exchange for free products. This is real product feedback from a neutral third party.

Blogger Reviews Help You Understand How People Really Feel About Your Product

Engaging bloggers and their audience in the exercise of reviewing your product and in giving feedback will tell you the real deal about your merchandise. Regardless of how familiar you may be you’re your own product range; you won’t be able to assess the practical knowledge available to you through the sum total of those who use it. For example, If your very attractive black leather pumps consistently run narrow, or your toddler rompers are larger than their true size, customer/bloggers discussions and reviews on these will not only help you to make the adjustments (should you decide they are necessary) but they will also help other potential customers to make informed decisions when buying from you and this may result in your items getting fewer negative comments and/or reviews.

Bloggers Love to Write and Take Pictures

I am sure your product descriptions are great, but the truth is they are probably missing something that the buyer wants to know. Having a blogger review and describe the item will again assist your customers when they are making decisions about sizing, colors, and other particulars you may have failed to mention in your advertisement. Another perk to the pictures and reviews is that you’ll discover whether or not your description is off. If more than one bloggers thinks a color is off—it may be time to change or edit your photo.

Blogger Reviews help build product credibility and build trust

When you agree to allow honest, uncompensated reviews, the customer is privy to an unconstrained opinion based on an individual’s experience with the item. Let’s be real, no one has 100% customer satisfaction and when only the positive reviews are posted and allowed, the buyer will assume that you are removing the not-so-great ones. The mix of positive and negative reviews lends credibility and builds trust. In addition, these will show your customers that you value their opinions.

Blogger Reviews help build SEO

Search engines need wordy content and blogger reviews really help with that. Reviews will have automatic keywords due to their use of words that the average customer uses when they search for your particular type of product. Soliciting reviews from popular bloggers and from your own customer base is an excellent way to build SEO.

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