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Praise and Recognition is the Key for Great Content

What’s the biggest motivator of great workplace performance? Hint: it’s not money. Study after study confirms that praise and recognition is what we all crave most.

It’s simple human nature: we want to feel needed and appreciated. And as a freelance writer in the digital age, you are well aware of the sometimes anonymous nature of your work. You may put heart and soul into an assignment never knowing the name of the client or even where your blog, press release or article will end up.

So consider how powerful a genuine gesture of appreciation can be in this environment. We’ve been considering it, and that’s what motivated us into action.

Glen, our Marketing guru, is developing our new survey for WriterAccess clients. Look for the results at the end of October.

And we want to hear your voice on this topic, too! Post your ideas today on what you think is the best motivator. Recount the recognition that made the biggest impact on you – in the workplace or as a freelancer in content creation.

  • Was it a simple “thanks” after a challenging assignment, or was it something more specific about your writing?
  • Did it come in the form of an email, or was it a phone call, a meeting or a note?
  • Would you like your recognition made public, or do you prefer one-to-one feedback?

No suggestion is off limits, and every suggestion will be compared to the way our clients respond to the survey. The result (we hope!) will be an even better experience for you.

So please take a minute or two to post your thoughts.

And with that, all I can add is … thank you!

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By WriterAccess

Guest Author

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