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Personality Traits Every Blog Needs

Blog PersonalitiesPersonality is everything in blogging. Reading good blogs becomes addictive because they offer a unique voice. These blogs spark emotional responses from readers. They make you laugh, provoke anger or produce tears with their offerings. A blog with a winning personality has extended shelf life.

Becoming a better blog writer starts with injecting a distinct personality into each blog post. Readers will care about what you have to say when they make an emotional connection with the content. They can only make that connection when your blog feels like it was written by an actual human instead of a blog writing robot.

Which personality traits enhance a blog the most? These traits will be found in the voice of every successful blog:


It’s no secret that laughing feels good. Nothing will boost the popularity of your blog faster than finding ways to draw humor out of life. When people read a funny blog post, they feel more motivated to share it with friends and family so they can enjoy a good laugh, too. Humor is an effective method for sharing important information. Readers will learn whatever knowledge you want when you impart it through humor because they stay awake long enough to absorb it.


Your blog has much more credibility when it feels like you know what you’re talking about. Do not be afraid to draw on your skills and experience to give your content added weight. If you have your own ghostwriter blog, for example, drawing on your own ghostwriting experiences and the lessons you learned can make tips and advice you share feel more authentic to your intended audience.


Readers will only care about your blog as much as you do. Pick a niche that really matters to you and make that the central focus of your blog. If you love playing video games, for example, creating content for a gaming blog is likely to hold your interest and enthusiasm longer than another subject. Discover what you are most passionate about and channel that energy into creating a blog related to that subject. Your audience will feed off that energy and devote time to finding out what you have to say.


Think twice before launching into the same Top 10 list you’ve seen on a dozen other blogs. Making your blog stand out starts with creating original content. Flesh out an idea by exploring all angles. Put your own unique spin on each topic. Being fresh lets you inject more of your personality into blog posts. You are giving original thoughts instead of copying stock thoughts from elsewhere.

Thought Provoking

The best blogs you remember long after reading them. A blog has true staying power when it makes you think about a particular topic and see it in a whole new light. Make it a goal to get your readers to think. If you convince them to ask questions and search for answers, your blog automatically gains more value in their minds.

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