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Overcoming Symptoms of Poor Medical Copywriting

Symptoms of Poor Medical CopywritingUnfortunately, there is no thermometer to gage how poorly your website’s medical content is written. Instead, you must gage the symptoms, such as a high bounce rate and poor customer engagement. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may be suffering from a severe case of unhealthy medical copywriting. While most people consider sickly copywriting to be isolated to the blog, it can quickly spill over into every other aspect of your medical portal. However, the diagnosis is clear, and the following four tips will effectively begin to curb the case of poor medical copywriting. As a result, your website should begin to show signs of life, vitality, and even demonstrate signs of ultimate functionality.

Timely Updates and News

It’s imperative your blog show recent news and updates to give your website a fresh look and appeal. By publishing fresh content, you can assure your audience the doctor is involved in the community and in tune with current issues. In addition, fresh and relevant content will be rewarded by Google with a higher SEO rank.

Self-Help Resources for Patients

According to aPew Internet Project Survey, a staggering four out of five Internet users have scoured the web for health care information. Simply put, the age of information has empowered consumers to research more through the Internet. With the increased reliance on the web for medical news and information, a growing number of patients have suffered from misdiagnosis and confusion. However, you have the opportunity to provide your patients with reliable information, helpful links, and trustworthy resources. More importantly, you can provide your patients with information aligned with their treatment plan.

Insurance and Services

It’s a great practice to list every type of insurance your practice accepts as well as the individual services you perform at your practice. The dissemination of this information should be open-ended, which will save you and your patient time. By doing this, if your patient doesn’t see their insurer on the website, they can call the insurer or your office for more options. With the financial responsibility trending more toward patients, your overall goal should be to educate your patients as much as possible on their options.

Patient Forms and Registration

Your website should empower your patients with access to vital forms, registration information, and even the ability to make appointments. Through either a patient portal or by offering a PDF type of registration form on your website, you can make this information easily accessible to new and existing patients.

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