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Order Up! 3 Ways to Refresh Your Marketing Content with WriterAccess

refresh content marketing

Your content marketing strategy might have you ordering blog posts, web pages, or social media posts from your favorite writers on the platform. Chances are you’ve gotten into a “groove” with weekly or monthly orders—and while you’re loving the influx of new content, you wonder if it’s time to try something new. You wonder if it’s time to refresh your marketing content!


Sometimes marketers get stuck in a rut. It happens to the best of us. We’re doing the same old, same old and start to wonder if it’s time to think outside the (content) box and spice things up a little. Well, there’s great news! WriterAccess makes it easy with ideas and inspiration like this:


Refresh Your Blog Content

Let’s say you’re posting a weekly blog post, and it’s pretty standard. The topics and writing are great—but it’s getting a little stale.

Order Up! Blog posts can come in a variety of flavors. For example, get visual! Let’s say you want to share a handful of statistics or demonstrate a process step-by-step. These can be easily formatted as an infographic instead of a standard text-based article to give the information more appeal and to break up the readers’ routine. WriterAccess writers and designers can whip one of these up in a flash. If you’re A-OK with your format, why not deliver information in new ways? Challenge your writer to come up with something interesting, like a Q&A (like this post!), FAQ, or checklist.


Refresh Your Lead Magnets

Let’s say your company has been using the same lead magnet—a thought leadership white paper—for a while now. It’s losing traction and you’re ready to try something new.

Order Up! When it comes to creating effective lead magnets, the talent within the WriterAccess universe has the know-how and skills to take your content to the next level. Or to a new level altogether! Here are some ideas:

  • They can rework the copy of your existing lead magnet into a compelling ebook or “Ultimate Guide”
  • They can craft a completely new white paper on a different topic that’s just as—or even more—relevant to your target audience
  • They can create an piece of content that moves leads into hands-on territory, such as a comprehensive worksheet, a set of templates, or something else that sparks top-of-the-funnel interest in your industry


Refresh Your Web Content

Let’s say your business is growing—yeah! That means you have more customers and want to earn their loyalty. Your existing lead-generating content isn’t gonna cut it.

Order Up! When it’s time to build-out more content for your customers—to keep them engaged on your website and coming back for more—turn to your WriterAccess team. They can help you create content aimed directly at the people who are already using your products and services. What this content is, exactly, depends on your industry and customer base, but it’s going to help them make the most of their purchase. It will give them new ideas for how to use the product (or service), maintain it, or even share it with others. Think How-To guides, user-sourced content, Best Practices…and so much more. This content can be used to flesh out your website’s resources section or blog, and can even be incorporated into customer nurturing email programs.

As marketing specialists, your WriterAccess writers, strategists, and designers are ready with a range of ideas for you! So think outside of the (content) box–or ask them for guidance. And order up some fresh content today!

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