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Orange is the New Black and White – Managing Your Freelance Writers Without Playing Prison Guard

Bennett allows Dayanra to put stuff on walls

If you work with a number of freelance writers, at times you may feel like a prison guard. Revise this! Add a citation here! Put that shank away, Pennsatucky! Oops… While it can be overwhelming at times to handle a large amount of content from numerous writers, it is possible to manage your writers without putting them on lockdown. These tips will help you accomplish all your content marketing goals while giving your writers their (professional) freedom.

  • Provide Clear Instructions – Writers and felons both require carefully created instructions to ensure jobs are completed properly. While a freelance writer is 23,767%* less likely to retaliate for unclear by instructions by violent means, directions that do not explain exactly what is expected are confusing and lead to lower-quality content.
  • Don’t Starve Them Out – Make sure your writers are well-rewarded for their hard work. While a bag of Skittles may be great motivation in the big house, quality writers deserve a fair wage for their hard work. If your writers are not getting a fair wage from you, they will find another place to work—or rush through their assignments.
  • Offer Good Counsel (AKA Safe Place) – Make sure freelance writers that work for you know that it is okay to come to you with questions or concerns. If they do approach you, make sure you answer any inquires in a timely and friendly manner. You can reduce the chance your writers decide to protest by opening the line of communications ahead of time. Note: Most freelance writers will not choose “hunger strike” as a form of protest—they love breakfast pastries!
  • Time Off for Good Behavior – While many freelance writers do this as a full-time profession, nearly every writer chooses certain times they prefer not to work. Find out if your writers would prefer not to take assignments on weekends or holidays. Additionally, it can help to have a backup writer in place so you can get by if your chosen writer or writers are taking a much-needed furlough.

While there may be certain parallels to managing freelance writers and managing unruly (yet humorous) female inmates, there’s no need to grow out that mustache just yet! Put away the Tasers and remember your freelance writers are just that—FREElance. Treat your writers with respect and remember that you are a team. If you do that, you’ll wind up with superior content and a group of writers that you can count on when you need them—finding a good resource for smuggled prison hooch is up to you.

* Estimate only

Tracy S is a content writer and blogger who specializes in home improvement related topics. When she’s not working, Tracy loves playing pool, watching cheesy reality TV, spending time with her family, and dreaming of the beach.

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