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Optimizing your content marketing strategy

content optimizationAlthough you may have a content marketing plan in place, do you really know how you will get your content seen and read? With search engines frequently changing their dynamics and the way algorithms work, knowing how to optimize your strategy is key. Before you begin to think about optimization, making sure you have all the elements of an effective content marketing strategy in place is first priority.

Your plan should have the what and why of your business, audience personas, the story of your brand, and what channels you will use to implement it. Once these elements are in place, you can determine the types of content you need and how it can be optimized to reach your goals. How can you do this and attract the audience you seek? Here are a few content optimization tips that should help:

  • Diversify your SEO

In order to be successful, you must diversify your content and the way it is used. Smart strategists understand the value in using owned, paid and earned media to gain search results that are customized for your client base.

  • Pass the QUART test

Your content should always pass the QUART test to make sure it will perform at its highest levels. QUART stands for Quality, Uniqueness, Authority, Relevance, and Trust. If your content is lacking on any of these elements, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

  • Know your keywords

Today’s audience is more savvy and in-tune with what they want and need. Gone are the days where standard one word searches will do the trick. Knowing what type of customers you have and the questions they ask when looking for products and services will help you create long-tail keywords that not only answer those questions and guide you to the source, but will offer additional information and insight they may not have been looking for.

  • Hire the right writers

Getting writers who understand the world of optimization and can tailor your content to meet your needs and the desires of your audience can make a tremendous difference in the results you receive. Your writers should be able to attract, engage and convert customers into loyalists who want to hear what you have to say.

  • Audit your progress

You’ll never know what’s working and what needs work unless you audit your progress. Consistently evaluating your SEO and the strategies you use will help adapt to any changes. Having tools like Google Analytics and other identifiers of specific metrics that are meaningful to your strategy will assist with your results and avoid creating irrelevant content.

These are just a few content optimization tips that should help you enhance your content marketing strategy. Having a blueprint for success often yields great results. Good luck!

allaire w writerAllaire W is a professional writer with a love for the written word and a sweet tooth that turned a hobby into a business. You can always find her “cooking” up assignments while covered in cake batter.


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