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Optimizing Opportunities as a Gig Worker in These Professions

Gig work is no longer the outlook of the future, but is very much the current reality for many freelancers in America. In fact, according to a 2018 survey by Freelancers Union and Upwork, there are currently 56.7 million freelancers working in America. This number represents one in every three U.S. workers, or 34%, which is hardly the outlier. The 56.7 million has catapulted from the previously recorded number of freelancers five years prior of only 3.7 million. This increase in the gig economy overall reveals the increased shift in the way Americans make money. The following is information about the most lucrative gig careers present in today’s market. Anyone wishing to explore the freelancing world will want to know about these specific industries and explore the possibilities therein:

Optimizing Opportunities as a Gig Worker By Exploring These Career Paths

AI or Deep Learning Jobs

With the continued focus on AI in various fields, it is no surprise the immense demand for deep learning freelancers is on the rise. Consequently, if you happen to have an ability to use your mind in a better than average way, you could likely benefit from this increased focus. For example, machine learning engineers, make around $30,72, software engineers around $38.50 and data scientists can bring in even more at $40.25 an hour. The average for a “deep learning expert” who is able to benefit various fields that utilize structured data and who is well versed at using algorithms and understating programming languages is estimated to be $115.06 an hour.

Cryptocurrency Experts

Digital currencies are on the rise, think Monero, Etherum and Bitcoin. As such, the demand for tech savvy gig professionals who can manipulate the technology used to power said cryptocurrencies is robust. This field or specialty is usually referred to as blockchain jobs. Those with a digital architect or developer backgrounds are prime candidates to become blockchain gig workers. They can expect to make an estimated $85.05 an hour doing so as well.

Robotics Experts

The field of robotics has grown leaps and bounds within the past decades. The fear that many blue-collar workers have long since had is that they would one day be replaced with a robot and find themselves out of work. Unfortunately, this fear seems to be coming to fruition at least in part as more emphasis is being placed on automated technology and advanced robotics, designed to streamline operations. Designing and building these amazing machines is where the robotic expert comes into the picture. Freelance gig workers with designing and building experience, who possess specific mechanical engineering knowledge can make around $77.46 working as a gig freelancer in this industry.

Ethical Hackers

With the increase of many companies’ online presence growing and more and more transactions and information being shared and stored online, the risk of hackers and the chaos and calamity they can cause keeps increasing. As such, as a way to combat the bad guys, one profession that has emerged is an expert called an ethical hacker. This person, in essence, tests various systems for potential security vulnerabilities. They try to get the system to fail to make sure that anyone who attempts to do the same for nefarious purposes does not succeed. Those with a strong background in programming, coding and certified security systems, along with those who understand web application vulnerabilities, mitigation techniques and common attack vectors can make around $66.33 as an ethical hacker.

Amazon Web Services Lambda

Traditional servers run constantly and charge for space, even when it’s not being used. Conversely, Amazon Web Services Lambda runs code only during an event that triggers it and charges only for the time that is being used. As such, it has become an increasingly popular option that is considered superior to traditional servers. Many businesses are now going with AWA Lambda over other options to keep costs down. Therefore, anyone who understands the code AWS Lambda uses, knows how to write said code, and are proficient in C#, Java, Python and Node.js can make around $51 an hour as a gig worker for Amazon Web Services Lambda.

Other Freelance Jobs Are Still Worthwhile, if Not as Lucrative

While freelance writing might not be as lucrative as the gig jobs outlined above, it is still an advantageous profession. Of course, how much one can make writing is greatly dependent on the type of writing practiced. Do they write books and publish their work? Do they work for private clients to create content? Are they copy writers, blog writers, ghostwriters or marketing professionals? The answer to these questions will better quantify what a freelancer can realistically expect to make. However, in general, under the writers and authors category outlined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for this profession is stated to be $62, 170, which is an hourly wage of $29.89. Of course, as previously stated this number will dramatically increase or decrease depending on the type of writing being accomplished and hours worked. If you would like to know more about working as a freelance writer for WA, contact us today.


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