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True creative genius doesn’t come out of a bottle. Santa can’t drop artistic flair off under your tree. The ability to string together words that inspire is something you either can or can’t do. Okay, that is actually a bunch of hooey. Even the most imaginative people in the world are not born knowing properly placed adjectives make a sentence pop, but if overdone, smother it with fluff that will kill freelance copywriter rates. The truth is everyone has to learn to write. The internet is opening doors for those interested in educating themselves about what it takes to craft a compelling piece.

Intensive Grammar Workshop – About U

Proper grammar creates harmony. Without it, there is chaos, and all writers know chaos is very bad. Needless to say, if you want to write, you have to learn that “Jane did run, see” doesn’t work the same way. About U offers a practical place to start your studies by teaching the art of grammar.

Technically, this isn’t a writing course. In fact, it is part of the ESL studies, but it will fine tune your abilities at no cost. After you complete the 13-week study, you have a better grasp of the trickier parts of the English language such as tenses and passive voice – all the things that tend to make editors cringe. It also gets the boring stuff out of the way, so you can move on to more exciting endeavors.

How to Use Detail in Your Writing – University

Poynter provides courses geared towards news writing, but the basics apply anywhere. This online study covers a skill writers tend to overlook. Those looking to increase freelance copywriter rates want a story that is compelling and visual, but still concise. If I write:

The robin sitting in the tree outside my window is on the fifth branch from the bottom; right above the one shaped like a hammer.

I’m filling space with irrelevant detail if I post:

There was a Dodge involved in an accident.

That statement leaves too many questions. Detail is a balancing act.

The Poynter webinar teaches you how to pick facts that enhance, but not clog, a story. It provides instruction on organizing your thoughts to create information that flows.

The Purdue OWL – Online Writing Lab

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, Purdue University has a library of resources to master writing. This is a must-have whether you are a newbie or veteran. It offers online exercises to hone skills, as well as tips and tricks that pump up freelance copywriter rates like citations and authoritative resources; it is a treasure trove of writing goodies.

Writing is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise your talent once in a while, it will atrophy. One way to get hands-on experience is through the magic of virtual education. Online writing courses are not that easy to find, but if your joy comes from putting words together to tell as story, the information is worth the effort.

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