5 Essentials of Onboarding Writers

by Lee H

A freelance content writer plays an important part on your company’s stage, much as an actor would.

The writer must embrace the part, so the resulting piece aligns gracefully with your brand, style, and tone.

Here’s how to help your writers step quickly into the role.

1. Complete all of the important fields in your order template. Provide the adjectives describing your brand’s voice. If your company has a style guide, attach it to the order.  This will ensure that abbreviations and other elements appear in a consistent form across your branded materials.

2. Share examples. If your writers receive a sample with your desired tone, or get example webpages to explore, then a diverse team of talented freelancers can project your style, while offering writing that’s new and engaging.

3.  Let the writer know why they matter. Your organization’s voice is distinguishable because of certain characteristics. Give the writers insight into why a given element in the expected tone is so important. It will help them understand your brand’s values, and project its voice.

4. Advise freelancers if you need revisions, just as you would with in-house writers. You want to be happy with the first draft, and so does your writer. Yet there’s no extra charge for making those all-important finishing touches.

5. Your voice should be recognizable, but not rigid. Consider your voice as inherently dynamic. Within acceptable bounds, variation can keep your webpages original and your content fresh. Both are big SEO pluses.

Once you have talented, reliable people available for content writing, they’ll infuse your site with energy without sacrificing your signature style.

About the author

Lee H is a lawyer and a university teacher accustomed to writing styles ranging from the policy-changing to the popular, including blog and bulletin writing for professionals and their clients. 


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