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Of Love Letters and Content Marketing for SMBs

Content Marketing SMBs

Generating sensational content marketing material is like crafting a billet-doux. Both target a unique audience, benefit from adroit presentation, and speed towards a spectacular seduction. Give goosebumps? Then you’ve hit the mark. The longing for SMBs is to excite the appetite of fans and buyers, fashion an unforgettable impression, and hint at the delights proffered. The presentation should drive browsers to febrile fascination and leave them hungering for more.

The most effective love letters and presentations work by suggesting ways that both parties will benefit from an alliance and showcase exciting ways to take the relationship to the next level.


You know exactly what you want. Whether it’s earning a reputation as a brand leader, acquiring new fans and evangelists, or up-selling a customer, you’re looking to form a relationship that will benefit both parties. When designing a presentation, you need to make your intentions known.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Like a Valentine, it is what’s inside that counts. Yes, you have a commodity, service, or product that you’re excited about, but there should be art in your ardor. The best presentations focus on communication and community. Your consummate desire is to generate interest and to share enthusiasm and insights with your browsers.

The Kiss of the Auteur

Your style will inform what you have to offer. Are you cutting-edge creative? Authoritative and informed? Cool and collected? Brilliant! Let your voice be heard. Your style should inform and incite your message to make a real impact. Just as Thomas Merton wrote missives in praise of his Maker, the Marquis de Sade sang of seduction to his mistress, and the librettists of hip-hop craft homage to bodacious booties, your imprint is your signature. When presenting your brand’s content, be consistent, be patient, and sign it with your own values. Form follows FUNction.

Seeing and Knowing

So you are going to craft a sonnet lauding the color of your beloved’s eyes: you had best be sure of the exact hue and shade of those peepers. If you issue an invitation to dinner, you need to know if you’re cajoling a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore. If you are planning an SMB presentation, it really works to understand and respect the crowd; not only does it effectively enhance your medium and message, it also makes you a better ambassador for your brand.


Work to pleasure your partner. Give them what they want and need. The temptation may be to come right out and explicate all the reasons why you or your brand should be in your special someone’s life, and you are most definitely right in that assessment, but put their needs first. Give them what they yearn for, with no strings to tangle up the deal.

For example, if you sell surfboards, consider linking to a video regarding an organization taking foster kids to the beach, just because you care about your community and share a passionate engagement about all things wet and wild. You want to build a relationship with your ambassadors, evangelists, and customers, just as you would with a beloved, would-be paramour. Have patience, read the signals, and be open to feedback.

Tease, Please, and Deliver

For SMBs to win at the content marketing game, you need so much more than SEO savvy; you need people to equate your brand with quality. When people see your material, from videos to magazines, blogs to newsletters, Tinder to Facebook, the idea is to inspire a warm, fuzzy feeling and a look that says, “I’m yours, be gentle… at first.” To get, and keep, that kind of carte blanche willingness, you need to deliver information, amusement, experience, and expertise.

For example, a sensational graphic designer we know has fans eagerly awaiting her newsletter. Part of the pleasure is that it expresses her authentic voice that is wise, compassionate, affectionate, and knowledgeable. In short, she is entirely balls-deep into the world of publishing. She is generous with her time and space, sharing tidbits and advice up-front-and-center, with just footnote telling of her services. Her knowledge and her love of community shine through, and her great visual presentation of her newsletter highlight her gifts in that arena.

Tidbits of Bliss

Just as a campaign of romantic seduction inspires creativity, so does an excellent content marketing presentation. There are no boundaries in either realm. Set your sights high and your imagination free. There have been concerts that bring brand awareness. One upscale clothing company entered a re-furbished hand-built car race across continents. Newsletters, videos, blogs, bulletins, email blasts, apps, games, quizzes, and contests can all be your calling card. Just as the love letter may include such wild interpretations as the personalized fortune cookie, lining up erotic candy hearts to form haiku, and skywriting, there is no limit with content marketing. Go for words, whims, and create wonder.

The Beautiful Benefits of the Relationship

As flawless as we are, we can always improve. Well, maybe not us, we’re pretty darn perceptive about our peerless perfection. (And humble, did we mention humble?) Yet, the thing is, a healthy relationship motivates us to be our best. On the path to fascinating the intended, we need to be authentic, available, and open. Thus, we gain the attention that we — as paramours and SMB businesspeople — thrive on as we seek to share a connection, fantastic products, and sublime services with our audience.

Now go forth and enjoy the fandom that you so richly deserve.



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