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No Gnus Still Good Gnus? Finding a news angle for press releases.

press anglePress releases can be a powerful promotion tool. Ideally, they put your business clients in the public eye and help them establish the story of their brand. But, sometimes it can be difficult to write press release assignments because the client hasn’t given you a specific event to write about.

Press releases are most likely to be accepted by the major outlets when there is news to report. They can’t just be a story about the existence of a company. And, a sale or a new product line are usually not deemed newsworthy enough for posting. Clients whose press releases are rejected are not likely to be happy campers. What’s a press release writer to do? Try out these angles to give your client’s story a valid news hook:

1. Look to current trends.

How does your client’s story fit into the larger news about the culture as a whole? A new dating app is not necessarily newsworthy. But, a dating app that confronts and deals with singles’ increasing frustration with comodified dating just could be.

2. Showcase what’s really different and notable.

What superlatives can be applied to your client and their recent accomplishments? Are they the first to release a product that addresses a burning need? Are the team runners the youngest, oldest or otherwise most something to do whatever it is they are doing? Make that your angle.

3. Write about an unusual milestone.

Is your client celebrating their 10th anniversary in a business where company’s rarely make it to year four? This is a noteworthy accomplishment. Talk about how they did it and be sure to include a few quotes from key participants about how exciting this is. When writing, you will need to walk a fine line: posts that are too promotional probably will not fly.

4. Publish the results of a poll, survey or study.

If your client is in a position to share their research about their industry, this can be big news that is far more likely to be picked up and shared by other outlets. Ask an IT security firm to do a poll or survey of clients to learn about the current concerns of people seeking security services. Look for patterns in sales and see if it can be extrapolated to trends about the industry as a whole.

Pulling together a newsworthy press release can be tricky. But, by asking a few key questions and getting a big of cooperation on the other side, you can write press release jobs that please the clients and their readers.


lara sLara S is a freelance writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She is adept at writing content in niches that include marketing, health, food service and more. Contact her for white papers, ebooks, blog posts and articles.


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