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Niche Gardening Topics: Gothic Gardens

Gothic Garden

One of the most interesting aspects of becoming a professional blogger is the ability to dive deeply into niche subjects. As a writer, you’ll learn take a very narrow subject and dig up detailed information that a passionate collection of people are searching for avidly. An example of a narrow subject is the niche gardening topic of gothic gardens. I became interested in gothic gardens as I learned more about the growing trend of steampunk and vintage fashion. Many of the people who are passionate about these subcultures are also involved in the gothic or neo-gothic subculture as well.

Gothic Subculture

Gothic influences have been a subcultural influence for several years. We see evidence of the goth style in fashion, decor, and entertainment. Colors like black, dark purple, and deep blue are popular goth shades. Goth style is mysterious, dark, and a reflection of the somber side of human life.

Gothic Gardening

In the last few years, a sub-gardening niche has sprung up with flower and plant breeders developing black and deep purple flowers for accents in a traditional garden or to fill an entire gothic garden. Beautiful flowers such as the Centaurea Cyanus Black Ball Cornflower, Sooty Sweet William, and Black Mourning Bride Scabiosa atropurpurea are just three of the growing list of flowers in dark colors. Black flowers are available in both annual and perennial varieties. Each year, flower distributors present new varieties in a range of gothic colors and black and white mixtures. These plants and flowers are very dramatic and some are outright spooky-looking.

Gothic Garden Decor

Black flowers alone are not the only elements of a gothic garden. Depending on space constrictions, added garden decor elements such as wrought iron garden benches, vintage-style arbors, and stone pathways extend the gothic theme. In addition, garden sculptures and accents such as gargoyles, dragons, fairies, fountains, and bird baths create an aura of mystery and central focus to a dark mix of plants and flowers.


If you are interested in learning more about gothic gardening, there is an excellent book about dark breeds called Black Plants: 75 Striking Choices for the Garden by Paul Bonine, which contains stunning photographs of the varieties he discusses. This book is a good springboard on this topic although, since the book was published, more varieties have been developed. However, Bonnie’s book can give you a good idea of the range of plants you can add to your own garden.

You don’t have to be a gothic subculture fan to enjoy the new flower and plant varieties. Many people use them to add contrast to gardens and bouquets. However, gothic gardens certainly bring a new viewpoint to gardening.

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