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New Years Resolutions for Your Webpage

Ways to Improve Yours Website in 2014A University of Scranton study published by Forbes states that only 8% of people actually keep their New Years resolutions. In many cases, this is because the goals set for New Years are so large or overwhelming that it is impossible to keep them for the long term. Smaller, more actionable goals are more likely to be kept. That means, instead of resolving to “lose weight” or “exercise more,” you may resolve to “lose two pounds per month” or “spend three hours at the gym each week.”

This advice can help you with doing more than just getting rid of love handles—now is the time to make some changes with your website to improve it as well. When you start planning for your New Years Resolutions, consider these actionable and attainable goals for your webpage too!

Regularly Add New Content

Adding new content to your page is vitally important. Not only does it provide a good way to share information with your customers and stay in touch, but the addition of well-written content will improve your rankings with the search engine. When you add content, turn an eye toward SEO or consider hiring a sales copywriter who can create content that helps build your brand and make those sales. Make this goal actionable by vowing to “post three blog posts per week,” or something similar.

Revitalize Old Posts and Pages

You have an untapped resource of traffic potential on your webpage: your old blog posts and content. You may think this old information is outdated or not very useful, but there is information there you can use—it just needs to be revitalized. A good resolution in this area would be to “revisit one old blog post each week.”

You’ll also want to utilize more images. It’s very cliche to say it, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. With Pinterest and Instagram, pictures are more important than ever. Adding great pictures will help with the next goal too. Your New Years goal may be to “include two original images per blog post” this year.

Improve Social Media Outreach

If you haven’t already jumped on the social media bandwagon, you are missing out. This year, make sure you are taking advantage of all the options available to you. Consider a resolution similar to this over the next year: Connect with your followers on social media at least once per day.

These are just a few of the New Years Resolutions you may consider for your webpage, there are plenty of options. Just make certain you adjust your goals to be both actionable and attainable. Then, you will be more likely to follow through and become part of the 8% of people who are successful in following through with their resolutions—or at least you will if you can stay away from the bacon double cheeseburgers and chocolate cake.

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