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Writer Rant: Mythbusters–Content Writers Edition

Welcome to Writer Rants–where every Friday a writer just lets loose on whatever the heck is bugging him or her this week. Enjoy.


Welcome to Mythbusters: Content Writers edition! Here we will attempt to bust some of the biggest myths about being a content writer. Unlike the standard Mythbusters television program, nothing will explode—unless you count the temper of content writers who are tired of hearing others who don’t understand the industry share the same old myths about their profession! Without further ado, let’s get on with the mythbusting!

  • Myth – Freelance writers wear pajamas all day and play online. Busted – A freelance writer who just plays online all day is not likely to experience much success. As a writer myself, I may spend several hours every day in front of the computer, but the time is spent researching, writing, editing, making connections in the industry, applying for jobs, writing my personal blog and updating my portfolio. A few minutes on Facebook here and there allows me to de-stress—like a coffee break in an office environment.
  • Myth – Freelance writing isn’t a real job. Busted – Freelance writers make REAL money, so why isn’t it a real job?
  • Myth – Content writers survive on coffee alone. Busted – While most content writers do fuel their days with their caffeinated beverage of choice, granola bars, apples, bagels and the occasional slice of bacon are vital to keep the writer going at full speed.
  • Myth – It costs money to get started as a freelance writer. Busted – I’ve never spent money to apply for jobs, and there is TONS of information and advice available online without subscribing to any paid services.
  • Myth – Freelance writing is something you can only do if you have a high-end degree. Busted – While a degree may make it easier to get started in the field and you may qualify for higher-end work, even those without college degrees may be able to find certain jobs.
  • Myth – Freelance writing is just something you do part time. Busted – I have made a full-time living writing for the past 4 years and have friends that can claim the same or even more. It is a job that gives more the more you put into it.
  • Myth – A work-at-home writer is a good person to ask to pick up your dog from the vet. Busted – Just because the writer works at home doesn’t mean she has time in her busy day to go pick up your dog. Plus, most writers are cat people anyway.

Whether you utilize the services of a writer, know someone who writes for a living or you are considering dipping the toes in the industry yourself, it’s time to learn more about what content writers do for a living and how they accomplish everything they do. After all, it’s not a myth how important content writers are in today’s internet-driven society!

Tracy S is a content writer and blogger who specializes in home improvement related topics. When she’s not working, Tracy loves playing pool, watching cheesy reality TV, spending time with her family and dreaming of the beach.

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