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Monogamy or Playing the Field?

519518367Are you ready to make a serious commitment, set aside your other suitors and settle down for the long haul with “the one?” Or, are you still playing the field, exploring the possibilities and swiping right? No, we aren’t talking about your love life. Today it’s all about the writers and bloggers for hire that create content for your website and social media accounts. Many businesses and content planners see working with a single writer as the ultimate relationship status, but others prefer to keep things casual and spread the work out. There are advantages to both sides, as well as a way to get the best of both worlds.

Put a ring on it

Like marriage, settling down with one writer for all your content needs means wading through the possibilities and finding the one person that best meets your desires. But, you probably won’t put on a big white dress and walk down the aisle with the first boy you date. Similarly, you will probably need to work with many writers before you find the one that perfectly captures your brand.

The biggest advantages of working with a solo writer are consistency and communication. Over time you will get to know each other’s style and work habits. In the end, each piece will have the same voice, pattern and flow.

But, knowing what to expect doesn’t mean settling for boring content. In fact, working with a single writer opens up the doors of creativity as you brainstorm together what will resonate with your readers.

Keeping your options open

At the other extreme, some content planners and business opt to play the field and open orders to wide variety of writers. Think of this as going on a blind date for every blog post, article and product description. The advantage of this plan is that the variety of voices and styles can provide plenty of spice to your website. Plus, you may not encounter the scheduling conflicts that can arise when you stick to a single writer. If one content creator is not available, there are plenty of others that are.

However, constantly playing the field may mean giving up the high level of collaboration that you can get from working with one writer. Since you are perpetually in the “getting to know you” phase, it may be more difficult to beyond the surface to nitty-gritty teamwork.

Another option

There’s a lot of ground between picking out a wedding cake and creating a Tinder account. For content creation, the middle ground is working with a carefully selected pool of writers. Relying on a small team of writers for all your blog posts, website content and social media posts may be the best of both worlds. You have the ability to create a consistent style and voice while also interjecting variety to keep things from getting stale. You can also bring in writers across a range of niches and experiences so that you get expert-level content, no matter the topic.

Michelle S fuels her writing work with chi tea and puppy snuggles. You can usually find her writing on the deck of a 38-foot sailboat, ensuring that her articles come with a healthy dose of sunshine and salt air.

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