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Monetize your Photographs

Consumers prefer photographs over other media when interacting with brands, research from ROI Research and Performics noted. It can be easy to see why: Photos have the ability to inspire and communicate in ways that words sometimes cannot. Images display how that jacket will look, how that recipe will turn out, or how bright that cleaning agent can make your floors. Social media sites like Instragram, Pinterest and Facebook make it easier than ever to share photos with consumers. How can marketers leverage and monetize photos of their products or brands using social media?

Photos That Succeed

As the first step to monetizing photos, take photos that will stick out to customers. Types of images to consider include:

  • Those that “tell your story:” Ice cream providers Ben & Jerry’s take advantage of this on their Facebook page by posting images of tie-dye-clad employees celebrating Jerry Garcia — exactly what you’d expect from this Vermont brand. When posting company content, consider giving your customers a behind-the-scenes tour of your company. Craft brewing company Harpoon Brewery does this well, with Pinterest and Facebook images showcasting brewery tours and parties, as well as video content highlighting new products.
  • Those that showcase your products: For inspiration here, check Peet’s Coffee’s Pinterest account, or that of car manufacturer Peugeot. The gorgeous images showcase the product, the brand, and the lifestyle associated with the company. Combine content services with images by posting short descriptions of what the product is or your favorite way to enjoy it.
  • Those showing how to use your products: Sites like Pinterest are perfect for tutorials on how to create things. For inspiration here, look to Greek yogurt company Chobani, which pins recipe ideas that features their product.

Sharing Content

Integrating images into your marketing content is a natural step. To maximize your efforts, consider first what particular platforms will appeal to your users, and then concentrate your efforts there. Include sharing features so content can spread. Finally, give a call-to-action to inspire users to connect with your brand or purchase your product.

Track results using analytics to see which images work with customers, then refine your approach to get results. As you concentrate on this, you’ll also widen brand awareness and customer base by introducing new folks to your products or brand, a secondary bonus to concentrating on monetizing with photographs.

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