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Merlin’s Beard!: Making the Most of Movember


“Merlin’s beard!” is a fabulous line taken from Harry Potter as a fictional exclamation similar to “Great Scot!” or “Oh Lord!” But what exactly is it about Merlin’s beard that causes such commotion? Perhaps the excessiveness of the old wizard’s facial hair, that long and wispy white flange growing from his chin, provides a sort of excitement? Facial hair continues to surprise us in the 21st century with the explosion of mustaches in Movember.

Make the Most of Movember

While “Merlin’s beard” is all fun and games these days, Movember is not…well, not totally. I have heard of this Movember movement for a few years but, other than grasping that it had to do with growing facial hair by men, I was clueless. As it turns out, Movember has roots as noble as the recent Ice Bucket Challenge. Movember occurs each November as a way to promote research and awareness for prostate cancer and depression among males. According to the World Cancer Report 2014 by the World Health Organization, prostate cancer is No. 2 globally in the top causes for cancer and the 5th leading cancer-related killer in males. Clearly, Movember stands for something significant.

Since its start in 2004, Movember has become a global movement. It has achieved prominent success and was listed among the Top 100 GMOs of 2013 by The Global Health Journal. To show support and recognition for prostate cancer and related illnesses suffered among 1.1 million men in 2012 alone, tell your man, or yourself, to drop the razor in November. Feel free to document your experience — it might give you practice for, or even lead to, some sweet content writing jobs!

Miranda B is a purveyor of all things hair-related including the latest trends, grooming tips, and customary hair traditions worldwide.

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