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Writer Rant: Maybe I Should Write a Book About It

Welcome to Writer Rants–where every Friday a writer just lets loose on whatever the heck is bugging them this week. Enjoy.


Since I write for a living, you’d think the idea of writing a book would not be so scary. However, I generally write blog posts and articles that range from 300 to 1000 words. I can’t tell you how often I say the words, “Maybe I should write a book about it.” I sound like a broken record, and does anyone even know what that phrase means anymore?

Publishing an EBook

In this age of digital books, publishing and selling an ebook is a snap. There are a myriad of ebooks on any given topic and many of them are filled with valuable information such as recipes, how to, craft demonstrations and self-help advice. I know several ebook authors, and one of them has even taken his existing articles from his website and collected them to create an ebook.

Therefore, what is keeping me from compiling an ebook of my own? I have several niche topics that I am an expert on. I can expound on any of these topics, spewing forth details and stories that can certainly fill an ebook.

Creating a Rough Draft

Writing over 10,000 words is not my specialty, but I know it is a matter of just sitting down and getting the words on paper for a first draft. Afterwards, I would be able to easily flesh out the rough draft and edit it into good shape.

I think the idea of writing a book is part of what is holding me back. I have always been better at shorter assignments than longer ones. Writing a book-length, well, book would be grueling for me. It is similar to getting a college degree, a long-term project that has to be done one section at a time to accomplish. Getting through to graduation is an academic accomplishment, true, but the endurance and perseverance to complete a degree is the real accomplishment. Not everyone has the gumption to stay the course.

Fiction or Non-Fiction

I do not want to write a fiction book, not at first anyway. I love to read fiction, but prefer to write non-fiction. However, I am not sure that I can make a book interesting enough to keep my readers from falling asleep. I think that is my biggest fear — that I will finally write a book and no one will buy it. Or they will buy it, and get bored with it. While writing can be difficult, and getting the knowledge across in an easy-to-read format can be tough, the fact is that I want any book I write to be appreciated by my audience.

Not a Mind Reader

Since I cannot read minds, I don’t know if I can produce a book that will become popular. Maybe I should research how to read minds, and then write a book about it. Wait, now I am back where I started from.

Paula A spends too much time online, drinks too many cups of coffee and enjoys her vices thoroughly. You can find her in front of a computer or on her smartphone with a cup of coffee nearby almost any day of the week.

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