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Tech Bulletin #5 – WriterAccess Platform Updates

Byron here, with a quick Tech Bulletin #5 Update.

Link to Replay of Writer Q&A 

For starters, here is a link to the Q&A Zoom call we had on April 23rd. You can dive into our detailed Q&A and surface with insights on the launch of the platform. 

We appreciate the feedback and questions and the opportunity to learn how to improve your experience. And we took some immediate action after the call to implement some changes, one of which was to build out the ability for clients to extend deliver dates if needed.

WA Platform Update

Most all of the bugs and snags on the talent side are cleaned up, and orders are moving nicely through the platform. 

The feedback from clients on the new platform has been overwhelmingly positive. The surge of orders in the last part of the month is hopefully an indicator of success for all. And we appreciate the positive feedback from many freelancers that are enjoying the benefits of our investment in the new UX, features, and tools.

Help Desk Update

To improve communication, we rebuilt and recoded the Help Desk Ticket platform after many reported problems, and all seems to be well now, which is a very big deal for all.

New Writer Profile Builder

Finally, the dev team spent a big chunk of the week preparing for the launch of a new Profile Builder/Editor for all talent. Look for a launch early next week, with the opportunity to update and modify your profile, apply for 25+ new industries, and add in special packages to clients where you can describe the offer and name the price for the services, ranging from writing, optimization, topic pitches, research, and anything you want to offer for the price you require.

That’s it from your dedicated WriterAccess support team.

Do reach out with any questions.

Enjoy the weekend, and be safe!

Write On!

Byron White

Founder WriterAccess

Guest Author

By WriterAccess

Guest Author

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