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Matchmaking Tips for Clients and Writers

In the rush to keep content flowing to customers, and orders (and income) going to writers, we occasionally need to stand back and look closely at the core match with writers and customers—often concluding that the fit is not always right.

Clients have diverse backgrounds and experience managing freelance writers, and different levels of comprehension and understanding of the complex content creation, optimization and publishing workflow.

As it turns out, freelance writers also have mixed backgrounds and experience levels when it comes to the content workflow. On top of that, the online marketplace is often cold and mysterious when it comes to communication and acclimation to customer wants and needs.

All this makes for potential challenges in finding the perfect match. So here are a few tips for clients, which I’m probably more qualified to answer, with some help from a freelance writer I asked to add some tips for freelance writers:

Matchmaking Tips for Clients

1.) Think feedback. Not talkback. Be kind to your writers.

2.) Clarify instructions and requirements.

3.) Develop an Onboard Plan for all new writers that involves mandatory revision requests for the first two or three orders.

4.) Be nice. All the time. Motivate with praise. Special thanks for the great work can make the next work even better.

5.) Firm. Fair. Friendly. Practice those three at the same time if possible.

Matchmaking Tips for Writers by Riley L

1.) Focus on what you like to write and what you write well. You’ll have more fun, and it will show in your work.

2.) Be honest about your expertise. Sell yourself, but don’t oversell yourself.

3.) Let a client know when instructions lack clarity. Politely. Ask for more detail so you can complete the assignment to the client’s satisfaction.

4.) Read all instructions included with the article. Write to the order. Pay attention to formatting. Use headings or bullets if the order calls for it.

5.) Respond to revisions the same way you approach an article. If you don’t understand what a client wants in a revision request, ask for clarification.

Often, the best writing matches come from a shared sense of style. Freelance writers who like crisp, to-the-point writing match well with clients who require informative articles, while freelancers who like to put a little kick into their work match well with clients looking to entertain.

Thanks for reading everyone… hope this helps and look forward to your comments and feedback! Byron and Riley L

Guest Author

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Guest Author

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