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Married to SEO: It’s a Schizophrenic Relationship

blog-seo-marriage Small and medium-sized businesses turn to a freelance writing service to help them with SEO and the development/production of SEO content. This is a strategic plan since , when SEO content is executed well, it can influence the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of a reader. The problem many businesses have when dealing with SEO is the fact that it is never constant. Once you get to know SEO and develop a plan that is rich in it, the SEO guidelines change. This relationship is in a state of constant punctuated equilibrium. Such rapist change is enough to give you whiplash.

The Empowerment of Tracking Changes

It is certainly maddening when you work hard to develop your online tools, content, and presence, only to wake up the next morning and see that its been washed away by a flood of changes issued by Google. You are not alone. This the reality for many small and medium-sized businesses. It is horribly frustrating because the online market place is so critical to every business around the globe. Part of the problem is the mentality with which people approach SEO. It is not a business project — it is more akin to a list of chores. We are trained to take out the garbage the night before the truck comes to haul it away.

Still, some of us forget and are caught chasing the truck down the street. A lot of businesses are caught chasing the garbage truck and, just when they adapt their life to the pickup schedule, the city switches days, and they’re back to square one. You can take some of the pressure off yourself and your freelance writing service by employing monitors to watch over your SEO content. There are software and tools available to  help you track the progress and regression of your content. That technology shows you what is working and what is not and will allow you to adjust your content strategy to improve upon its performance.

Additionally, tracking the ups and downs of your content in real time is a powerful tool, providing high caliber data that you can use to embrace the changes within SEO. Don’t fight against something over which you have no control. Learn to adapt without taking it personally. Everything in business is a measurement of gains and losses. These are both part of the natural business process and SEO is no different. For more information about SEO, Google offers an SEO Starter Guide.

David S is a freelance content writer who enjoys writing blogs and articles about SEO, business, science, health, travel and nature.

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