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Make Sure the Shoe Fits: Hiring Writers that are “Right” for Your Business

Hire the Right WriterQuality writing is a mainstay of marketing for any business, and in today’s world of instant communication, strong content writing for the web and other digital platforms is absolutely essential for success. That poses the question: How does a business owner find the best writer, or writers, for his or her business?

Unless you are a budding Shakespeare, and have oodles of spare time despite all the multi-tasking running your business already demands, it is necessary to commission a writer, or hire a ghostwriter, to create the content that your venture requires to become, and remain, vital, relevant, competitive, and successful.

Here are some tips on hiring writers that are “right” for your business:

The Right Writer isn’t Always the “Best” Writer

First of all, quality is tantamount in the writing you commission. No brainer. You want and need professional work. Where you find it and what you pay for it are intangibles (direct contact, writer forums, writing services, ghostwriters), just do your homework and land quality, experienced talent. Period.

With that said, let me throw you a curve ball, and probably the best piece of advice you will ever receive when it comes to hiring a content writer: The right writer for your business isn’t always the “best” writer, technically or aesthetically. Yes, you want a good writer, but even more important is a writer’s internal relationship with your business and its objectives. The following points will expound on this.

Find a Writer Who Is Truly Knowledgeable About Your Business

One of the oldest, and arguably, wisest adages for writers and the writers life is “write what you know.” In other words, whether it’s a novel, a short story, an historical biography, or, content for marketing and selling a business, a writer should have a solid, basic knowledge of his subject in order to successfully connect with his audience.

Would you ever buy a car from a used car salesman who didn’t thoroughly and impressively give you the run-down on everything from the tires to the hood ornament to the engine to the cigarette lighter on the dash of the automobile you were thinking of buying? Not likely.

Find a writer who is a quality professional who also knows your business.

Give a Head’s Up to the Writer Who is Passionate and Excited About Your Business

A writer who is passionate about what you’re doing will naturally extend that excitement through the words he puts on the page, and that can’t do anything but strengthen your presentation, light up your message, and power your pitch. After all, you hire a writer to essentially sell your enterprise to prospects, and exciting content makes for excited, and paying, customers.

So, whether it be a referral, a ghostwriter, a writing service, et al, screen your writers to make sure the shoe fits. Get the right content writer for your business.

Michael V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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