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Make It Newsy! How to Make Your Topic Newsworthy

Writing About Company NewsA press release is a very important marketing tool. Not only does sharing your product launch, news or other important information with the press lead to interest in your company, but it can help build backlinks, improve your keyword density on your website and help your company appear more credible too. However, depending on what you have going on with your product, service or business, you may not have any news that seems press release-worthy. Luckily, you can take nearly any topic and make it newsworthy—especially if you take advantage of a quality press release writing service.

  • What’s New? — If it’s new, it’s news. New products or services are seemingly obvious choices for press release topics. However, you could always announce your movement into a new social media platform, a new employee, a contest or promotion in-store or anything else that’s new.
  • Avoid Over-Promoting — You are writing your press release to drive traffic, but you do not want it to be a punch you in the face kind of promotional pieces. You are offering information about your company, product or service—not writing an ad.
  • Correct a Misconception – A great press release angle to take is to correct a myth or misconception about your business. For example: You own a plumbing service. You find that clients regularly believe that they will have to pay a service call for a service estimate. You can write a press release announcing your free estimate.
  • Appearances Count – Are you going to be representing your business at any event? This could be something like a community fair, conference or seminar. Announce your appearance via a press release and drum up interest in this appearance. As an added benefit, you will likely have more people come up to you the day of the event wanting to talk business.
  • Job Openings – In today’s difficult economic climate, job openings or hiring fairs are an important occasion. Announce your intent to hire with a press release and get all the benefits of a standard press release, plus you may put your job opening in front of candidates that wouldn’t have found your job openings by traditional means.

When you write, or have someone write for you, a press release, you are connecting with your customers and potential customers on a completely different level. It is important you take care to get the information “just right” so that your release will be picked up by wire services and even local media outlets. If you are willing to put the effort into it, and find the best news angle for your release, you will find these documents become a very important part of your marketing plan.

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