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Little Content, Big World – Using Small Posts Part of Your BIG SEO Plans


big worldWhen you find a freelance writer and begin a content marketing plan, you may think, “bigger is better”. After all, the more content, the more chance you have of triggering some magic within Google that will bring you to the top of the listings. After you have been “around the block” a few times, you will start to see that there are a few standards in content. Blog posts are usually 400 – 600 words. Web pages are generally 200 – 400 words. Articles are often 700 words and up—and so on.

While these standards are not a bad thing at all, what happens when you post something short on your web page? Will the Google police get you if you write a 300-word article? Will your website traffic suddenly screech to a halt if you post a 150-word blog post? Absolutely not. In fact, short posts can have a positive impact on your overall search marketing plan—if you use them correctly. Here are five great tips for using short posts.

  • Don’t Go Keyword Crazy – Remember, when you choose short-form content, you do not want to stuff it full of keywords. Maybe select a couple of longtail keywords and use them carefully. Be especially careful not to overuse words without meaning to do so.
  • Quality Still Matters – Even if you are writing a super short blog post, take the time to make it a high-quality one.
  • Make it Shareable – The biggest benefit of a short post or article is that it is easier to read. Do everything you can to make that post shareable too. Include social media links and encourage sharing in your call to action.
  • Post Feedback – If/when you get feedback on the post, use the fact that it is so short to display the feedback right on the page. Include an editor’s note or attach it at the end. This will refresh the content down the line too—giving you a double dose of SEO juice.
  • Make it Scannable – When you are writing a shorter piece, it can be easy to fall into the trap of writing a “big blob”. Don’t do that! Online readers and especially mobile readers will find it easier to read what you write if you divide it into short paragraphs and/or use bullet points.

While you will not want everything you write to come in at under 400 words, it can be a fun change of pace to create something short now and then. Short content can make an impact in a different way than your traditional long content does. Mix it up and don’t be afraid of a little “content shrinkage” now and then!

tracy szwec writerTracy S is an experienced writer specializing in construction and real estate topics. In her spare time, she enjoys playing pool and eating breakfast sandwiches.


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