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Literary Cousins: Turn Summer Reading into Summer Writing

Summer Reading 2013 for Content WritersGood writers are usually prolific readers. And each summer, everyone has access to the summer reading lists that spotlight the best the season has to offer for book lovers, recreational readers, and the sun-loving literati among us. Whether your pleasure is a page-turning novel, a collection of short stories, an historical biography, or a revealing memoir, chances are you’ll find something to spend time with between dips in the pool, soirees on the sand, and, of course, the time you spend writing yourself.

Whether you prefer a hard-bound, a paperback, an iPad, or another mobile device, your summer reading can not only enrich the warm days of June and your hot August nights, but it just might inspire you to do some of your best work as a scribe when combined with the visceral and sensual delights of the season like a warm, tickling breeze and an hypnotic full moon against a starlit summer sky. Go with the flow and let a good summer read breath new or enhanced life into your work, creatively and practically speaking. A great summer novel can inspire endless pages of your own burgeoning tome, not to mention building your vocabulary. And an insightful memoir by an ad man, or a brilliant bio on a business leader, could reveal priceless content marketing tips to strengthen your own copywriting.

The summer reading season can be of great benefit to the freelance writer. Work your reading time into your writing schedule, perhaps before, or right after, your writing time everyday. And if you take a family vacation, work quality reading time in and around those early morning swims, Pina Colada lunches, and leisurely walks along the beach at dusk.  Plus, you’ll need something to keep you occupied during your time between home and that vacation destination!

The diversity of titles every summer season provides a richness of style and a wellspring of form that is sure to improve and enhance your own writing. Those of you who pride yourself on writing strong and persuasive web content can learn the impact of brevity in your work by reading a book of flash fiction. And enjoying a book of funny poetry can inspire you to incorporate poetic devices like alliteration into catchy product descriptions that will punch up email blasts, posts on social media, and landing pages.

Now that you are sufficiently motivated, you can explore some of the best summer reading for summer 2013 at Goodreads and Publishers Weekly. You can also drum up tons of results just by googling “summer reading lists 2013.”

So, when you combine a writer’s innate imagination and curiosity with a good read and the mellow mood of summer, why shouldn’t it inspire? Mix time well-spent reading with time well-spent writing. Just don’t forget the sun screen!

Michael V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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