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Life-Cycle Events: Writing for Pregnant Moms


If you are not a parent yourself, you may not realize what a huge opportunity the mother-to-be market is. New babies need a lot of products, and new parents need a lot of information and reassurance. Pregnancy is a time of anxiety, medical issues and a changing, hormonal body which necessitates all sorts of help. Freelance writers can become specialists in this market by offering their writing skills in a variety of ways. Whether you want to focus on the maternity clothing niche or how to keep a newborn infant healthy, you can study and write on these topics continuously as advice for pregnancy updates.

Life-Cycle Events Are Evergreen

Because people are people, and human life continues even in the most adverse conditions, there is always a market for life-cycle events such as pregnancy. While the market may grow and shrink from generation to generation, women continue to get pregnant and have babies and couples need to know how to keep them healthy and happy. Therefore, writing about pregnancy, birth, and infant care is evergreen content (content that is continually useful year after year).

Before Baby

Before the baby is born, mothers and fathers-to-be are anxious about the pregnancy and the aftermath. Health issues can be complex, hormones run rampant and dads are just as nervous as moms (although without the physical changes). Since medical advances can change recommendations to pregnant moms, the health genre is full of new how-to and help columns with the latest advice.

Other issues are the physical body changes which require new clothing, new shoes, and new exercise routines. Fitness is important and pregnant moms do not want to wear Gramma’s old maternity clothes. Comfortable, easy-to-wash clothes are becoming more prevalent; however maternity fashion still has a long way to go to keep up with the Joneses. Freelance writers can find a multitude of topics to write on from product descriptions to fitness articles for bedridden moms. The list of niches is long.

After Baby

While the classic What to Expect While You’re Expecting is still a knockout book, there is a lot of room for additional information on specialized topics such as medical issues after the baby is born for mom and baby, natural and organic foods and clothing for baby, and how to get anything accomplished when you aren’t sleeping. Add to these topics the need to keep older children content and you have another plethora of subjects to write about.

New dads are often ignored in this entire process. They don’t have medical issues directly, but they are just as involved in the care of their infant and go through many of the same anxieties as new moms. New dads also have to deal with the care and feeding of their pregnant partner and have troubles dealing with their family dynamics changing from two to three.

A smaller segment of this market is the raising of multiple births or of Down’s syndrome and other disabled infants. These topics affect a lower percentage of all new parents; however, they are fraught with issues that the majority of parents never have to face. Finding your niche in this marketplace is really just a matter of choosing one. With the everchanging nature of information about pregnancy, birth, and child-raising, there will always be something to write about.

Paula A is the owner of an online gallery, freelance writer specializing in marketing and business and is an avid promoter of Cleveland, Ohio.

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