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Letting Your Content Lead

Letting Your Content LeadIf you own a small business, you probably know that you should be doing something to create SEO rich content, but what exactly should you do? And where do you start? With the dizzying array of social media options available, it can be challenging to begin building content and establishing a solid, engaging web presence, let alone attempting to hire copywriters to write timely, interesting posts. But the good news is that you can start pretty much anytime, anywhere. From your company’s own blog to a full scale Twitter page, the key is being responsive and following the interest in what you post. In other words, simply let your content lead.

Timely Tweets

The branding blogosphere went crazy during the 2013 Superbowl thanks to a timely tweet from Oreo. The cookie brand sent out a simple, charming message inspired by the Superbowl blackout that caught the attention of people across the web. The tweet was not effective because a bunch of branding eggheads planned for weeks in advance of its posting, instead, it worked because it was responding to a major event that millions were paying attention to. As you work to create social media and SEO content, sometimes the best inspiration is to simply open your eyes and look around. What are people talking about right now in your industry? A professional writer should be able to translate that topic into a pithy Facebook status or tweet to get your company engaged in the conversation of the day.

Start A Tapestry With A Single Thread…The Comment Thread

Another great way to produce organic content is by paying attention to the comments you receive. Try posting a few blogs, tweets, or status updates, then take a good look at what your followers say in response. Not getting any comments? Ask your writer to craft questions instead of statements, and consider offering a small incentive, like a coupon, to the first few responders.

From Customer Query to Quality Content

If the thought of jumping right into the deep end of social media gives you pause, consider sourcing from your own customer service queries. Taking a look at trends across your company’s emails or feedback forms can give you ideas for blog posts or updates that directly address your customer’s concerns. Your customers will be sure to roll out the welcome mat if your first few updates address issues that they themselves have voiced; this will position your company as responsive and tuned in, which will open up dialogue and lead to future content down the road.

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