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Learning to Trust Your Writer


It’s much easier and faster to hire a professional content writer you trust than to have to search for a new one each time you want something written. How do you create that trust? What should you look for in a writer for hire and how do you deal with them?

Trust in someone means that you feel confidence in them, you feel sure they’ll give you what you want, you have expectations of them you can believe in. Here is how that applies to hiring a content writer:

  • You know they will provide the content you’re looking for.
  • You can be sure of the accuracy of figures and facts they provide.
  • You trust they will meet your deadline.
  • You are confident that their content is unique, not copied, that it has substance, rather than being “fluff.”
  • Your communication with them is good and they respond to you with maturity and integrity.

In addition, you are someone they can trust. Trust is a two-way street, after all. Here is how that applies to you, the person hiring:

  • You tell them clearly what it is you’re looking for. If you want them to come to a particular conclusion, you tell them what it is. If you want the truth from them (even if it doesn’t match a preconceived conclusion) you communicate that.
  • You ask for the kinds of figures and facts you want. If you know of sites that provide them, you give the links to your writer.
  • You give your writers the time they need to research and write. The more research required, the more time they will need.
  • You encourage writers to include their own experiences in appropriate content and thank them for especially substantial content they write.
  • Make sure your communication with your writers is respectful and supportive, and they will most likely respond in kind.

Remember that what you put out attracts what you expect to receive . . . positive or negative. So always expect the best. Expectations show in your “voice,” via your choice of words and phrasing, and generates an in-kind response. If there is dissonance, the first place to check is your own expectations. Change them and your communication will change too. If you expect the best, your writer will either produce it or drop away, not bidding on your projects anymore, if they can’t match your expectations. Dissonance is what produces distrust – dissonance within either of you (causing self-distrust), or dissonance between the two of you.

When you do find a writer you can trust (to provide substantial content, meet your deadlines, and respond well to requests for changes, etc.) make note of it. Start giving them “solo” orders, while continuing to experiment to find two or three additional writers. Find out their schedules, so you know which one to match with different deadlines. Assigning orders solo shows your writers you trust them and provides a great reward for their great work. It saves you time too.

To Susette H trust is an essential part of working well as a team. With everything she writes she does her best to be honest, meet deadlines, and be the kind of writer she would like to hire.

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By WriterAccess

Freelancer Susette H

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