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Knowing the Technical Level of Your Audience and Your Writer

Hire Technical WriterMany businesses do not have an in-house writing staff. Those that do may have general writers that fill most, but not all, of the writing needs. When a technical piece is required, you may find yourself needing to hire a technical writer.

To achieve the best results and readership, you need to know the skill level of your audience. You must also choose a writer who can write to that level. Once you cover these issues, you must clearly define what you want your readers to gain from the article. Even the best technical writer will not know you want to sell lollipops in an article about new gaming systems.

Knowing the Technical Level of Your Audience

If you want to write to car enthusiasts about minor repair work, your readers’ technical level is most likely beginning to intermediate. If you are trying to turn readers into buyers of a turbocharger designed for racing vehicles, your readers will be more advanced. If your goal is to entice the average consumer with a cloud storage program, you will be dealing with novices. If you are selling the program to an IT department, you will want to speak to a higher level of knowledge.

Knowing the Technical Level of Your Writer

If you are looking for an article to inform your readers of the latest in portable solar chargers for smart phones, your writer does not need a doctorial degree. If you want an in-depth description of the technology behind NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Initiative you may, in fact, need a rocket scientist.

With the variety of technical subjects, only you can know the key terms to look for in a writer’s samples or communication. Check the samples that are available for your topic to determine the depth of the writer’s understanding. You can also open a line of communication with a few key questions. You will know the perfect candidate by the responses to your questions.

Your writer’s technical level is just one part of the writing package offered. The writer must be able to communicate with your desired audience. Some writers can adjust the content they write from super simple to complex, other writers cannot. Your rocket scientist may not be able to return to an elementary level. This is something you must confirm with the writer you choose.

Bringing the Writer and Your Audience Together

Now that you have chosen a writer, tell the writer what you want to achieve from the article. Let the writer know your goal. Do you want to sell the product being written about or a related service? Do you want to simply inform your audience about a service or entice them to try something different? Only you know your objective; if you relate it properly, your writer will hit the mark.

When you do hire a technical writer, keep the door to communication open. If you cannot communicate what you need, get assistance. A third party can act as a translator between your needs and the writer’s understanding of your needs. When you find one or more writers that fit your style, nurture the relationship and your content will flourish.

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