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July Roundup: Reaching your target audience, tips for translations, CMC recaps and more

Scott B is a 4-Star writer at WriterAccess
Scott B is a 4-Star writer at WriterAccess

The knowledgeable and practiced team of writers and translators at WriterAccess served up another month full of insightful, actionable, and sometimes humorous blog posts in July. As usual, they covered all sorts of topics related to content marketing, writing on everything from translation blunders companies have made to suggestions for aspiring professional writers. Two of the month’s best highlights included tips from the Content Marketing Conference in May and a post on writing for teachers according to the film “The Dead Poet’s Society.” Here are all the pieces we posted on the WriterAccess blog during July.


Target Audiences

How to Create Travel Content for Discerning Readers

What if each of your travel pieces was a well-curated collection of hidden gems that was carefully crafted for your particular audience and written with a consistent voice? You’d have a collection of travel content that stood out. Camasin P. show travel writers and content marketers just how to do this.

“So know thy customer, content creators, and see the difference it can make in attracting discerning readers to your site.”

How to Create Inspiring Self-Improvement Content

Aaron D. provided five tips for reaching people and corporations interested in self-improvement, which is a multi-billion-dollar industry. His suggestions focused on telling a strong story, solving a problem, focusing on just one issue, backing up your claims with evidence and offering actionable advice. Most importantly, Aaron followed his own suggestions — all of these tips are highly actionable.

“A business that sells any kind of self-improvement product needs to create and promote online content.”

Creating Content Millennials Care About

Millennials aren’t like any other generation. As a generation, they’re more diverse, educated and in debt than any of their parents or grandparents — and reaching them must take all of this into account. Aubrey W. analyzed the Millennial generation and how to reach them. Her advice is largely to create content that’s like Millennials themselves: informed, relevant, impactful, economically savvy and social.

“Millennials will share content they find interesting and timely without hesitation, allowing the possibility for your content to spread like wildfire.”

How to Use Real-Life Experience to Create Engaging Content

Real-life experience is the best source of inspiration and often leads to the most captivating pieces, but you can’t just go straight from the experience to the keyboard. Dominic B. explains that you must identify a past experience to use, do research to complement your knowledge and trust your writing abilities.

“By using your life’s experiences and challenges in creating your work, you can provide your client with content that not only exceeds their expectations, but keeps them coming back for more.”

Crafting Content for Teachers: Taking Lessons from “Dead Poet’s Society”

If you’re looking to create content for teachers, turn to the film that has captivated them for 27 years: “Dead Poet’s Society.” Sylvia L. has pulled out four great lessons for anyone who wants to reach educators. Use a hook and change your angle — then take risks and carpe diem!

“You need to inspire readers to follow their passions, to chase their dreams. Refuse to underestimate the impact you may have on another person’s life, especially that of a teacher’s.”

Writing for the Health-Conscious

Melissa B. a certified nutrition specialist, spinning teacher, Pilates instructor and general fitness fanatic provided two tips for writing health-related pieces. Research a lot, and write for the Digital Age. Accurate content that’s written for today’s digital world will reach people.

“…Readers will share the content if it is funny, if it is knowledgeable, if it is accurate.”


Writing for Language Service Providers. It’s a Human Thing

In an increasingly technological world, Ilona K. reminded readers that language service providers are people — and reaching them is “a human thing.” Machines, Illona shows, won’t replace human translators.

“No matter how many technological advances come our way, translation is a human-centered business.” / /

Translation Blunders: From Silly to Serious

Ilona K.’s list of translation blunders is hilarious, but it’s also a reminder of how serious a mistake can be when translating. Read through the post for some good laughs — and then hire a well-qualified translator before moving into an international market.

“…When globally-minded businesses make mistakes in translating their product names, messages, logos, and slogans, the results can be embarrassing or devastating..”

How to Enter the Global Marketing Sandbox

Venturing into international markets takes a lot of work, but Ilona K. provided a path companies can follow. Companies that plan ahead, study the target country’s culture, learn the language, employ good writing and check local regulations can succeed.

“Having a holistic view that includes deep understanding of where you are headed will undoubtedly help you create success no matter where you go.”

Content Strategy

Proven Native Advertising Tactics to Maximize Your Content Promotion

Content marketers face numerous challenges, ranging from developing a budget and strategy to increasing organic visibility and developing distribution channels. In WriterAccess’ webinar on Native Advertising, Chad Pollitt talked about these challenges and the solution. Alexandra M.’s post summarizes Pollitt’s main points and, most importantly, explains why Pollitt says native advertising is the solution.

“…Right now native advertising is the surest way to see your content rise to the top.”

Agile Marketing Theory: How to Improve Results While Minimizing Burnout in Content Marketing

Sandy B. offered up a synopsis of WriterAccess’ webinar Beyond Agile Marketing Theory: Real-Life Ways to Make Agile Work on Your Team. If you’ve not heard of agile marketing, Sandy’s post explains how to implement it by using pilots and scrums, and why these techniques can reduce burnout.

“Agile marketing takes the same methods and makes it far more flexible and easier to achieve.”

Turn Good Content for Your Small Business into Big Profits

Creating good content is one of the least expensive, yet most effective, forms of advertising. For business owners who don’t know what to make content about, James B. suggested creating do-it-yourself pieces, offering maintenance tips and sharing expertise.

“Content is an excellent, cost-effective approach to marketing for small businesses.”

Writer Webinar: 7 Tips That Will Help Your Succeed as a Professional Writer

Stephen L. pulled seven tips from the writer webinar with Dr. Naveed Saleh that anyone aspiring to write for a living can utilize. They can be boiled down to two things. First, learn to write for today. Second, be yourself. After you master style, formatting, journalism’s values and SEO, pitch your own ideas, and write in your own style.

“If you truly want to succeed as a professional writer on your own terms, one of the best ways to do that is to follow your own path instead of someone else’s.”

Writer Podcast: Bryan Kramer

Following the lead of Bryan Kramer, Miranda B. brought writers back to elementary school in her relay of the writer podcast with Kramer. At the heart of sharing, Miranda summarizes, is connecting with people — and that’s just what writers want to do.

“Figuring out how to create content worth sharing, and worthy of our time, is imperative for any business and brand striving for a successful future.”

Our writers are working on more great pieces for August. Come back to the WriterAccess blog to see what else they cover, and you’re sure to get at least a few tips for bettering your business’ content marketing.

CMC Recaps

Content Optimization Tips from CMC Gurus

Alana M. covered the 2016 Content Marketing Conference in a series of blog posts. Her first one highlighted seven of the awesome speakers who were at the conference. To learn more about the speakers and their messages, check out her post. Better yet, sign up to learn more about the 2017 Content Marketing Conference so you can attend yourself. Alana’s post is great, but nothing beats seeing next year’s speakers yourself.

“Meet the optimization gurus featured at the 2016 Content Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, NV.”

Boost Your Content Distribution with These Tips from CMC Speakers

Content is a product that must be distributed. In this post, Alana M. summarized the top tips from the Content Marketing Conference’s Content Distribution presentations. Whether you’re using social media, search engines, or traditional media, there are hints in here for you.

“While fiction writers may feel some satisfaction from just completing their content, brands can’t survive on warm fuzzies alone.”

Improve Your Content Planning with Tips from CMC Speakers

A successful content marketing campaign begins well before any writer begins typing. It requires careful planning. From breaking your planning down into fundamental building blocks to reevaluating how your team spends its time, you’ll find lots of tips from the top content planning speakers who were at the Content Marketing Conference in this post from Alana M.

“The content planning process starts well before fingertips begin to tap on the home keys.”

Relieve Your Content Performance Anxiety: Tips from CMC Experts

Taking a page from human resources, Alana M. creatively showed how content marketers can use several tips from Content Marketing Conference speakers to give their content a performance review. Her post included ideas from four experts that might challenge some of the ideas you’ve learned about analyzing metrics.

“We need to know what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong before we can decide how we want to proceed.”

4-Star writer Scott B has written hundreds of blog posts, articles, white papers and ebooks, and he is prepared to help your business or organization develop copy that will convert. Scott’s works have appeared in Yahoo! News (U.S. and U.K.), Yahoo! Sports (U.S. and U.K.) and The Continent (Africa). He has also managed off-site SEO campaigns for over a dozen small and large websites.

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