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Jessica Ann on How to Humanize Your Brand and Connect with Your Customers

Lara S
Lara S is a 6-Star writer for Writer Access.

Are you unsure how to connect with your customers?

Jessica Ann, author of Humanize Your Brand: How to Create Content That Connects with Your Customers, thinks that the secret lies in revealing your true self and sharing what makes your brand interesting and relevant. Jessica has made a successful career out of a style that includes:

  • Regular, personal blogging on her site,
  • Conversing with others on Twitter, often taking the discussion to private messages for deeper connections.
  • Offering multi-article packages on her site that allow a brand to gradually develop their story and entice readers with relatable posts that are still packed with useful information.

In her book and on her site, Jessica details how you can forge connections by revealing the human side of your brand.

She recently sat down with Byron White to discuss her views on humanizing brands and the power of content marketing.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why it is necessary to pair content marketing with content strategy.
  • The value of persistence in marketing.
  • What sorts of content are more likely to keep prospects engaged.
  • Why metrics aren’t everything.

Top Quotes from This Podcast

“It was my blog that really catapulted my entire career and that’s why I believe so strongly in what I do, content marketing because I’ve seen the magic and the power of content marketing when you do do it right.”

“Let’s be real, most people don’t want to consume dry, boring stuff. I’ll add in some humor if it fits the brand’s vision… I’ll add in what I think makes sense for them in the right, most authentic way possible.”

“Content strategy is a huge part of content marketing. You can’t really do content marketing without having a high level strategy around it.”

Want to make your content marketing more effective? To learn more about humanizing your business and creating more relatable content, invest some time to hear Jessica Ann’s full podcast.

Lara S began working as a copywriter in the late 90s, writing direct mail pieces, catalogs and newsletters. She has since edited a niche magazine, written for hundreds of specialty websites in areas that include finance, insurance, credit and nutrition and created content marketing materials for clients in a wide range of industries.

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