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It’s Not What You Know, It’s What They Think

writerforhireYou can likely write with an easy sense of authority on your own products and services – but is that necessarily what your audience is searching for, reading and sharing? Just like a good conversation, there must be space for your intended audience to interact and consider, and that’s hard to do from an endless stream of one-sided insider information. When you work with a professional blogger for hire, you’re not just getting someone that knows how to write on your team, you’re getting a conversational artist that knows how to engage your customers.

Right Voice, Right Volume

A professional blog writer will not only acquaint themselves with your offerings, they’ll also tailor their tone to coax in your most coveted demographic. If you’re in the medical field, your blog writer will know to emphasize the patient experience and caring attitudes of your team. Catering or restaurant blogs will get a sprinkling of words that whet the appetite, like indulgent or decadent. Service industries will receive blogs that assure readers of their professional  experience and certified technicians. A professional blog writer will also rely on the strength of their content to help promote your business, rather than tricks like big bold fonts, CAPITALIZATION or exclamation marks after every sentence. While they might occasionally work in these techniques at the request of a client, on the whole a blog writer will focus on encouraging a back-and-forth communication link with your customers that can be leveraged into sales.

Less Questions for You

You’re passionate about your product or service, but there’s a good chance that enthusiasm wanes when answering a simple question for the hundredth time. When you add a professional blogger for hire to your marketing team, you’ll be able to cut down on this repetitive loop, or at the least give your employees an easy URL to hand out to curious clients. Posts on the following concepts will help bolster your authority in your industry and reduce the headaches of troubleshooting:

  • What You Should Know Before Buying Our Product(s)
  • Troubleshooting Our Product(s)
  • Why Our Product is Better Than [Competitor’s]
  • Return/Exchange/Replacement Process for Our Product(s)
  • How to Start Using Our Product(s)

If you work with your blog writer to create a core group of these posts, you’ll be able to refer customers to it and also use the entire group in marketing efforts. According to a poll cited by columnist Cheryl Conner in Forbes, an astounding 74% of shoppers use their mobile phones to assist them in researching and shopping – with your posts in a mobile-friendly format, you’ll be better positioned to take advantage of those searchers.

Rather than playing catch-up and frantically trying to find a professional blogger for hire when your sales prospects look dim, get ahead of the game and start supporting your marketing efforts with solid content now. A well-written FAQ or post today can save you hours of hassle answering calls and emails months and years from now, so consider it a smart investment in your future efficiency.


Delany M is an avid experimenter in the kitchen, loves to read Sci-Fi, clip coupons, and play World of Warcraft. She also maintains an active blogging persona for guiding freelancers into “the biz”.

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