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It’s Not About You: The Right Way to Approach Social Media


As I scroll through my News Feed, I see post after post of promotions, sales, and updates from businesses that scream, “Look at me!” I just want to reach through my screen and shake these companies to wake them up. That is not what social media is for, people. You are totally missing the mark.

But before I get into that, let me backtrack a little. The fact that you are even using social media as part of your content marketing plan does score you some serious brownie points. You are way ahead of a lot of companies, so congrats on that. Now you just need to learn how to use it correctly and you will be golden.

Social Media is Easy

You just have to forget about yourself. Yes, it’s really that simple. The entire point of being on social media is to — wait for it — be social. Imagine that! You need to be engaging your customers, interacting with them, and building your relationships with them. That way, when they need a product or service that you happen to sell, you are the first company they think of. They already trust you and know you are a real person, so they will hand their money over without thinking twice.

How to Do It Right

You didn’t think I’d just leave you hanging, did you? I’ve got your back. Here is what your followers on social media want to see. And, yes, it is pretty much the same no matter what platform you are on.

  • Share stories and articles that your target market would find interesting (blogs on your own website count!).
  • Post tips or tricks to make your followers’ lives easier.
  • Give them pictures or videos that will make them laugh.
  • Write updates that ask for their opinion.
  • Offer anecdotes or quotes that inspire them.

Basically, when you post something you should be asking yourself one question: “If this was in my newsfeed, would I stop to read it?” If you wouldn’t, don’t post it.

But Wait, There’s More

Once you post the awesome content that sparks conversation among your followers, you need to stick around. You should be responding to the things your fans say, even if it’s as simple as a thank you. Not only that, but it’s always a wise idea to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. You have the right to delete any negative comments—and users, for that matter— so don’t hesitate to do it.

Okay, It Can Be a Little Bit About You

If you just can’t succumb to the fact that you shouldn’t do any self-promotion on social media, I will throw you a branch. You are granted permission to post one update per week that is all about you. This can be the announcement of a sale, a link to your website, or even a little snippet about all your favorite things. Then bite your tongue until next week.

When she’s not busy writing, Rachel M loves to spend time with her two young children, reading books, going for walks, and memorizing the words to every Disney movie out there. She attempts to keep a clean home and presentable hair and makeup at all times, but making memories always comes first.

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